Registry/Configuration Error

  Lizzy-J 17:01 16 Jul 2003

After installing some Creative software on my home PC (and having a member of my family messing around with it!) this is now what my computer tells me when I turn it on.

It says I need to use SCANREG to fix it - which means nothing to me! Can anyone help?

I've got Windows ME installed


  woodchip 17:09 16 Jul 2003

Start with a floppy start disc from click here When you start with the floppy disc at A:\> type SCANREG/RESTOR or SCANREG/FIX and press enter you will get a list of dates choose a date with the arrow key before the prob and press enter

  Willow12 17:10 16 Jul 2003

You have to put the ME startup floppy disk in, not the CD. If you need one go to click here and download the OEM ME bootdisk. With your computer off, put the floppy in and turn on your computer. Choose start with no cd-rom support, you will end up at the A prompt A:/>, type C: and hit enter, at the C:/> type scanreg /restore (note space between g and /) and hit enter. Then choose a date before the problem started. Use the arrows to navagate. Then reboot your computer.

Hope this helps

  Willow12 17:10 16 Jul 2003


  Lizzy-J 17:17 16 Jul 2003

Thanks both - seems simple enough, I'll give it go!

  woodchip 17:19 16 Jul 2003

Space does not mater if you can remember for next time the that's the point of forward slash

  ollie < one> 17:30 16 Jul 2003


  Lizzy-J 09:21 17 Jul 2003

I downloaded this yesterday, i.e. save as on A:/ but when I started up my PC at home with the disk in, it said it didn't recognise it - to enter a new disk and press any key to proceed.

Am I doing something wrong (again)?

  leo49 09:37 17 Jul 2003

2 things -

when you downloaded the bootdisk maker, did you run it to create your bootdisk?

And have you set the bios to boot from the floppy?

  Lizzy-J 15:56 17 Jul 2003

I don't think I did run it to create the boot disk ... just clicked on save to my floppy disk from the boot disk website

How do I set the bios to boot from the floppy?

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