Registry/Configuration Error

  jaf26 18:18 31 Mar 2003

I’m finding it impossible to get into Windows 98
running on a Tiny PC. The computer was a used gift
from my brother on leaving the country, so I don’t have original software. I used the PC for 3 months without too much trouble until last week, now I just cannot get in.

On starting the PC the message “Registry/Configuration Error” appears, tells me to select Command Prompt and run SCANREG. Doing this starts SCANREG which doesn’t seem to do anything…..I think it’s a DOS prompt (?) just sitting on the screen .

I’ve tried selecting the other options to Command Prompt,such as “Step-by-Step”, “Normal”, this leads to a failed attempt to run ScanDisk and then a message “Data Error Reading Drive C”, followed by “While Initializing device
VKD……..Windows Protection Error” and the PC turns
itself off.

It’s very frustrating, and any help would be very gratefully received. Cheers, John

  spikeychris 19:12 31 Mar 2003

John go back to command prompt and type SCANREG/RESTORE then hit the enter key, what happens?


  spikeychris 19:18 31 Mar 2003

Clever little trick: if, when you type scanreg/restore nothing happens then go back and choose step by step confirmation, you have the choice of loading individual drivers, apps etc: You will type Y and N to the options, load only Himem.sys. Press N for all other prompts.
Then Run the SCANREG /RESTORE command.


  PA28 19:24 31 Mar 2003

If you can't do as spikeychris suggests, then the bad news is that it's likely that you have a problem with your hard drive. Without the system disks it's going to be near impossible to get a reliable system back, as you probably have some corrupted system files. The good news is that you can still buy 98SE cheaply these days (around £30 I think), and a fresh install on a freshy formatted hard drive will bring you back to life. You will still need your hard drive itself to be sound. Oh, and you will need your program disks as well. Just hope you've backed up any data, but if not and you are able to get in by restoring a previous copy of your registry as suggested, then get it back up as soon as you can and then do a fresh install as suggested.

  jaf26 00:40 01 Apr 2003

Chris...thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately there was the same response as before. Microsoft Registry Checker starts, says "Checking System files" the a prompt "C:\>" appears at the top of the screen. Any other ideas ?

PA, sorry to be a duffer, but I don't know what 98SE is ? Or how to format. And I don't have any program disks.

Any more help would be much appreciated.
Cheers, John

  User-312386 00:45 01 Apr 2003

try typing


  User-312386 00:47 01 Apr 2003


  DieSse 00:53 01 Apr 2003

I don't think you will get any further at all without a CD with Windows98 or 98Se (second edition) - and a boot floppy disk. You clearly got a serious error - maybe even a hardware fault - and you're not going to get anywhere without something to reset your system.

  jaf26 23:17 01 Apr 2003

Thanks for the responses; we may be into
head->brickwall territory, but here goes. I tried scanreg/fix, it seemed to be trying....message:
" Repairing C:\Windows\System.DAT Looking for valid system registry keys Checking System Registry Structure Rebuilding System Registry"

It said 100% complete, then came up with the C:\> prompt again. I tried "exit", "quit" "get me out of here" but no response.

Any other ideas before I have to pay someone to sort it out ?

Cheers all, John

  PA28 13:09 02 Apr 2003

As I said earlier, I think you are going to need a W98SE (Windows 98 Second Edition) CD. You can still buy this from new at about £30. You're then going to have to start again with your computer, with a full format of your hard drive and - on the assumption that your hard drive is fully functional - a complete installation of your (new) operating system from your CD. This process will destroy all programs and data that currently exist on your hard drive, so you will need program disks to reinstall your programs from. Your data (files, records, letters, etc) will also be lost when you format the drive so these need to be saved on a floppy disk or whatever before you start if they're valuable. This can normally be done from the C:\ (dos) prompt that you have at the moment. Try typing "dir" (without the quotes) after the C:\ and see what happens. (You might also try typing "Win" , again without quotes, as by some miracle this might open Windows for you!). Post back with what you get and we'll try to guide you.

Reformatting and reinstalling Windows is not difficult, but it can be nerve wracking (particularly if it doesn't do what is expected!). You have to get yourself to a position first where nothing is lost if it goes wrong - so you can start again - and having the Operating System (Windows), Program Files (and drivers for printers, etc.) , and your data is the basic requirement for this. If you feel uncomfortable, then by all means seek guidance. But where you are now is how many of us actually learned!!!!

  jaf26 23:16 03 Apr 2003

Thanks again for trying !

I tried 'win', this led to scandisk trying and failing to run ( General Error Reading drive C, then Data Error reading drive C, then close.

I tried 'dir', this did produce a list of some of my files, mostly jpg, and totals of disk space used/free. I have no idea of how to move on from this to saving them on floppy or cd.

I guess I'm resigned to moving on from here to buying/reinstalling windows. None of my files on the pc are would be nice to save the baby's first birthday pictures, but..shit happens, and we do have some hard copies.

The only software I have is for the printer (C70) and the ISP, other than that nothing. As a duffer, can I assume that any Windows comes automatically with essential stuff such as Word, Excel, Explorer, Photo Express, Minesweeper? I guess I could always download stuff off this old ( 95 ) laptop and reload on the pc ?

As always, any guidance appreciated

Cheers, John

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