Registry settings for AutoRoute 2006

  Brenne 22:08 06 Nov 2008

The message:
"Your registry settings for this application were not copied correctly, run setup again for this application from the location where you originally installed it" appeared suddenly when I clicked on the AutoRoute 2006 icon. The program had previously run successfully on my Vista HP system.
I tried the obvious: 1. followed the instructions! 2. Uninstalled and then reinstalled, (both from the original discs).
3. Used System restore to a point some days back, before previous use. (Same message). Then uninstalled and reinstalled again. Each time the wizard reports "Installation successful", but attempting to use the program results in that same frustrating message. I'm very reluctant to actually delve into the registry, being non-tech.
Any suggestions from the wise ones please?

  anchor 12:04 07 Nov 2008

It seems you are not alone; (Oh the delights of Vista!!)

This may help

click here

  Brenne 14:12 07 Nov 2008

Thank you Anchor. Once again PCAdvisor forum experts save the day. Your link took me to a host of people with the same problem, and as many "solutions" which were equally unsuccessful... until the last one which I thought I had tried before. I tried again and IT WORKED!!
Bravo and Thanks


  anchor 16:11 08 Nov 2008

Brenne: It may help others in a similar situation if you tell how you actually solved the problem.

Fortunately, it does not effect me as I still use Autoroute with Win-XP.

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