westdudes 19:38 25 Jul 2004

hi, im trying to fix my brother in laws computer.

computer on load brings up a blue backgrounded screen saying its doing a physical memory the top its says there is a system registry error, this they say has come up because of them continously switching the computer off without shutting down properly.

i could use a book disk to sort the problem.

problem....i have a laptop WITHOUT a floppy disk drive. I could use their own recovery cd BUT its a sony viao and the cd's will only perform a full format and fix it too factory standard.

they have said too me that they cannot afford to loose the data on the comp as some of its valuble....yes it is their own fault but i wonder if there is anything i can do., i said....a boot disk would possible fix the problem...but i cant create one except on a cd (i dont know how to do one for a cd)

any ideas? windows xp service pack 1 is both our operating systems]


  BurrWalnut 19:48 25 Jul 2004

You could use system restore to a time before the problems began.

  westdudes 19:51 25 Jul 2004

windows will not load...not in any of the safe mode options or last known working will not load :( so cant use system restore

anyother ideas?

  [DELETED] 19:53 25 Jul 2004

Create a bootable cdrom and having done that, boot the laptop to a dos prompt from it. Win98 boot disk from click here but make sure you pick the one without a RAM drive. Instructions for creating a bootable CDROM are also on that site.

  [DELETED] 19:54 25 Jul 2004

My post assumes FAT32 on laptop.

  westdudes 19:56 25 Jul 2004

yes....maybe i kinda messed up my explanation abit though so i better just make comps the laptop which im using to try and fix my sisters desktop computer (thats incase i confused anyone)

thanks for your help johnsims! ill try that

  [DELETED] 23:17 25 Jul 2004

My error, not yours. Advice holds though. Use your laptop to create boot cd and use it to boot up the desktop.
Let us know how you get on.

  westdudes 23:20 25 Jul 2004

my sisters computer reads the cd but then asks for windows xp to be inserted in drive a:

and i followed the instructions word for word so something wrong:( their pc will not even accept the sony viao cd roms that restore it to factory settings something seriously wrong somewhere.

  [DELETED] 23:33 25 Jul 2004

If there is valuable data on the disk, the only thing I can think of is that the continual switching off the power has corrupted part of the boot record or some file needed in the boot process. If you can connect a spare hard drive (even if it's a standard drive out in the open rather than in the case) to the IDE connector on the laptop and install a copy of windows (anything will do) and then attach the original hard drive as a slave you may be able to get at the files on the original disk to extract them to a safe back up haven. I would then reformat the original hard drive, replace it as the primary or master and do a reinstall using the recovery CD.
Oh .... and I'd also severely berate my sister for causing so much trouble by incorrectly turning off the laptop!

  [DELETED] 23:34 25 Jul 2004

I'm at it again!! for laptop read sisters PC.
Put it down to a senior moment!!

  [DELETED] 23:37 25 Jul 2004

A further thought to try first. Disable floppy drive on PC by setting first boot device to CDROM and do not have an entry for FDD in boot priority list - that way you may not get asked to insert "windows xp in a:"

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