registry message

  Astrid 08:26 22 Jul 2008

Yesterday and today on boot up my screen contained the following: "One of the files containing the system registry data had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy. The recovery was successful. Is this message something I should act upon? Will it always, or sometimes, be there, and does this mean there's a corrupted file I need to remove or alter in some way?

  jack 08:41 22 Jul 2008

As the message appears not to specify what the problem is- there is little you can do about it.
A system restore to a couple of days prior to the first appearance may resolve the issue

  Technotiger 08:42 22 Jul 2008

Download and run click here this might fix the problem. A very useful utility to have anyway!

  jack 09:16 22 Jul 2008

Thank you TT- installed, and passed on to my flock

  Technotiger 09:30 22 Jul 2008

A long time since I heard that expression - but you are welcome. Cheers :-)

  Astrid 09:31 22 Jul 2008

Now I'm mystified. Canine Gonads? Does this mean Glary Utilities is good or bad? Should I or shouldn't I? I see that I have much of what's in the utility in separate places, i.e. disc clean, registry scanner, optimizer, etc. Also, I've only two weeks ago had a Windows XP re-install. I'd download Glary if I thought it would improve my computer's performance.

  User-1229748 09:36 22 Jul 2008

canine gonads means very good :-)

  Astrid 09:43 22 Jul 2008

Thank you. I was imagining something with very sharp teeth chewing up my system.

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