Registry errors following Windows Updates.

  frybluff 13:24 25 Feb 2012

I received a Windows Update notification this am, which I downloaded. I thought something was a bit odd, because, when I rebooted, I didn't get the usual "configuring". Shortly after, I started getting problems (programs slow to open, missing icons). I rebooted again, and ran "one click maintenance", which showed numerous registry errors. Most of them referred to "missing libraries, and programs". Whilst it supposedly resolved those issues, it concerns me that I may just be burying problems deeper in the system. This is a new laptop, and I may have created a problem, myself, as I was, yesterday, transferring data, from my old laptop, which, itself, caused several registry errors.

Is there any software, that I can run over the operating system (Win 7 Prem 64 bit), to ensure I'm not building up more problems for the future. Obviously, don't want to end up having to re-do OS, unless I have to.

Many thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:32 25 Feb 2012

Depends on how much you trust your registry cleaner (most are more trouble than they are worth).

The best I've ever found that has never cause a problem) and free to boot :0) is CCleaner

  frybluff 15:12 25 Feb 2012

Most of the "errors" related to being unable to find "Microsoft visual C++" followed by a year. There were several of those, each followed by a year. Of course, I don't know if that is an OS fault, as I wouldn't have thought Win 7 64bit even had a, say, 2005 version.

  john bunyan 17:52 25 Feb 2012

I would consider doing a restore to before the update then try again.

  frybluff 18:51 25 Feb 2012

Problem is, I tend to think the problem started when I transferred data from old laptop, using "Windows Easy Transfer". It may be I did something wrong, or even brought a problem over from old lappy, or even there was some incapatability. If that has caused a "corruption" affecting the OS, I may not solve anything with a "restore", except lose data. I don't mind losing a bit of data, the only thing that's not backed up is an LP download. Everything else, I've got somewhere else, or at least "product key".

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