Registry Editing. Removing Programme Traces.

  Flopper 22:09 25 Jan 2006

I installed a 'backup' copy of a well known CD/DVD burning programme on my PC and it worked Okonce or twice and after that every time I went to burn something it ejected the blank media with a message along the lines of 'Please Insert A Blank Disk'.
I uninstalled the programme and reinstalled an earlier version but I had the same issue.
The only way as far as I can see to reinstall any version is to wipe my drive unless I can possibly edit the Registry. I have spotted entries to this software in the Registry in the path:
Local Machine/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current version/Installer/Folders.
On this page under the column Data there is a number 1 against all instances or subfolders for this programme.
Is it simply a case of deleting these entries (I have already uninstalled this software and backed up the Registry) or do I edit and change the 1 to a 0 or is there something else I can do?

  Flopper 12:41 26 Jan 2006

I tried this programme and another and my original test highlighted the software in question as a problem but the one you recommend did not so I am slightly confused.

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