Registry Compressor/Defragger?

  Karma_Train 12:51 13 Mar 2003

Hi, Just a quickie, does anybody out there know of a (hopefully free) utility that will compress/defrag the win98 registry? A good friend of mine introduced me to a prog named 'RegCompact' but it developed the nasty habit of taking out half the registry at inopportune moments....nice!
All suggestions gratefully received.SS.

  Belatucadrus 13:02 13 Mar 2003

click here for a page full of registry tools. JV16 is the best to use and the windows registry guide makes usefull reading.

  Karma_Train 13:24 13 Mar 2003

Thanks for that link, I already use JV reg cleaner but the power tools does not contain a compressor/defragger neither is there anything similar on that page, as usual seems that I`m searching for rocking horse pooh!
I did d/load the windows registry guide though, nice bit of light reading for later on, thanks again.SS.

  RJay 19:44 13 Mar 2003

Have a look at click here look in utilities section, there's definitely defraggers there,not sure about compressors though.

  ellas 21:37 13 Mar 2003

reg compacter click here

  Karma_Train 23:55 13 Mar 2003

Thanks RJay I went to found one I`ve had my eye on for a while 'Advanced Registry Optimiser' unfortunately it`s about $40 I think I`ll be forced to leave it at that price, unless, nudge, nudge....Ellas you really got my hopes up but when I hit the link I found myself staring at the little monster that had chewed my registry up in the first place. Bin doing a bit of readin` apparently Windows fills in all the registry gaps when they exceed 500k so maybe I`m being a little bit anal....still like to find one though.Big Thanks again, ss.

  IZZY 11:42 14 Mar 2003


You could try here for RegCompact

click here

or here

click here



  IZZY 11:48 14 Mar 2003

Sorry Songsmith...These links are not working today.

However ReCompact is available on PCWorld Download

click here


  IZZY 11:51 14 Mar 2003

Sorry mate...that's no good either. What's wrong with links today? Tell you what. Go to Google and do a search for Regcompact. You'll get it at PCWorld page. Honestly.

(Dizzy) IZZY.

  Karma_Train 12:10 14 Mar 2003

I am truly grateful for your time and effort and without a hint of anything other than curiosity, when I followed the PC World link I found myself yet again looking at the little swine that chewed my registry in the first place. I did mention it in my original post. What I am learning via this thread is that other than the nasty little munching thing known as RegCompact there is precious little out there that does this job, as I said before maybe as Windows does some kind of compacting internally I would be better leaving well alone.
Thaks again IZZY for taking the time out though.SS.

  Karma_Train 12:16 14 Mar 2003

Yeah what is going on today with these un-links, I actually got there (PC World) via Google myself, can`t seem to get out of the house a blue line kinda way, perhaps it`s the government trying to stop us sharing information now we`re in a state of war......think I`ll move to France or Russia, God I`m depressed.SS.

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