Registry Cleaners. Which do I believe?

  Dumble452 11:08 11 Mar 2005

RegScrub reports 6 problems but RegistryFix finds 353 problems. I set up a restore point before running them but haven't used either to fix the reported problems.

  PsiFox 11:10 11 Mar 2005

It really all depends on what the indidual program defines as a problem.

can you give examples of what they find?


  Greengage 11:11 11 Mar 2005

Good question. I've just done the same with Reg Cleaner and Registry Mechanic - the first shows just 6, the other 160!

  Sethhaniel 11:43 11 Mar 2005

temp files - temp internet files -cookies - etc before running the reg cleaners as some list all these as faults ;) Especially the trial ones that need money to activate - they find everything that a normal rebbot of trhe computer clears -

-Good test - run reg cleaner to get report - then reboot and run again and see the difference ;)

  Happy Soul 12:38 11 Mar 2005

That's why I use click here it's like a gentle soap compared to bleach. Delete everything it finds and no problems.

  Dumble452 07:29 15 Mar 2005

I think Sethhaniel has hit the nail on the head. I didn't initially realise that RegFix was just a trial version and not freeware.

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