Registry cleaners?

  Housten 15:59 02 Sep 2011

Good afternoon,

A couple of weeks ago - I think - I asked about these and the consensus seemed to be that WinASO was worth it, even though it only 'repaired' 10 errors at a time. I have been using it to clean up, defrag my registry and do one or two other things as well. Cleaning up my hard drive I found 'RegClean Pro' on my computer, the download date is 11th August this year but I have no recollection of doing so. Anyway I let it run and it 'found' 129 errors in my registry!! But to 'clean', 'repair' or whatever else this programme does you have to buy it, I think £19.95, or thereabouts. I declined and ran 'WinASO' and it found 2! YES 2!! This has thoroughly confused/worried me and I would like to know if readers of this forum have any ideas/comments/advice on which is the better/more reliable/trustworthy of these programmes and why. I find it gobsmackingly worrying that there could be such a disparity in their answers. when I ran WinASO I expected to find anywhere between 60 and 100 errors BUT TWO! It really beggars belief, and any help/advice/comments will be most gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance.

  johndrew 16:12 02 Sep 2011

A recent article in PCA indicated that registry cleaners do little to speed up a PC. Whether this is the perception of a user or not is a different question - I believe it helps to remove the rubbish.

I have used WinASO and found it good but awkward with 10 entries at a time with the trial version. As a result I have used Ccleaner (which is full and free) for some time and found it fits the bill.

As for an (apparently) unsolicited download showing large numbers of files/entries to be cleaned, this is not unusual where a software supplier wants to make a sale - or worse still, malware wants to get itself installed!!

  James Hull 16:27 02 Sep 2011

I also highly recommend CCleaner. It's easy to use, feature full and constantly updated. However as with any registry cleaner, make sure you back up your registry. I haven't had a single issue when using CCleaner but you can never be too safe!

  Woolwell 16:30 02 Sep 2011

Ignore RegClean Pro. It is typical for these programs to find so many "errors" and then seek payment. The vast majority of the "errors" will not affect the running of the system in any way. RegClean pro may have got onto your system through inadvertently clicking on a link on a website. Suggest you do a run for malware.

  Housten 16:54 02 Sep 2011

johndrew/James Hull/Woolwell


Many thanks for your speedy replies. I will get rid of 'RegClean Pro' and stick with using WinASO and Ccleaner alternately.

Once again, many thanks for your advice, it is greatly appreciated.

  rawprawn 16:55 02 Sep 2011

As woolwell says, ignore the findings of RegClean Pro it's a ploy used to encourage you to buy a useless pice of software.

  Housten 15:54 03 Sep 2011


Thank you for confirming what everyone else have said. What annoys me is that firms like this that continually try to pull a fast one in the knowledge that their programme DOESN'T do 'what it says on the tin'. These I think are as bad as spammers and should be publicised as such. Don't hold your breath waiting.......

  wee eddie 16:25 03 Sep 2011

Every Tradesman does that to some extent.

Garage Mechanics, Plumbers, Electricians, Accountants, Solicitors, the lot. I'm sure that if you read what they say carefully, you will find that they have not Lied, just made the Truth difficult to find.

  cocteau48 19:17 03 Sep 2011
  Housten 14:39 05 Sep 2011

wee eddie,

Yes I know. I suppose I was just hissed off and letting off a bit of steam. Thank you for reminding me!


Sorry I have not got a clue what you are on about! Or I hope I don't....

  stlucia2 20:03 05 Sep 2011

I've used CCleaner for a long while, but recently I had a problem where a program wouldn't reinstall due, apparantly, to some leftover, and incorrect, registry entries. Someone on this site recommended Revo Uninstaller to me, which deletes the software and then scans the registry for leftover and incorrect entries. It did the job for me, which CC and RegCure free edition didn't.

There's a free 30-day trial of Revo, which is what I downloaded. There's also a free reduced-function version.

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