Registry Cleaners

  miles right 20:36 12 Jan 2006

Has anyone any experience of using these? Anyone know a 'reliable' on to use?
pro's con's would be nice!

  VoG II 20:42 12 Jan 2006

RegscrubXP click here

* Click 'RegscrubXP Finds Problems'
* Let it scan
* Click 'Select All Problems'
* Click 'Fix Selected Problems'
* Click 'Exit'

Job done

  ralph-226856 20:45 12 Jan 2006

I have used Regseeker for years and its never caused me any problems. I understand that some Reg' cleaners cause more problems than they cure.
Regseeker is a free download.

  GuZ><0r 20:47 12 Jan 2006

I tend to agree with VoG™, regseeker did not run on my pc, whereas RegscrubXP does and its so easy to use.

  miles right 20:54 12 Jan 2006

thanks guys (galls)

  bluto1 22:49 12 Jan 2006

miles right, I`ll give VoG`s Regscrub a go. I don`t know enough about the registry to recommend anything.

  Angry Kid 22:52 12 Jan 2006


  J B 23:41 12 Jan 2006

Check out Tweaknow Reg cleaner Standard at click here This cleaner is very safe and it backs up everything it clears. It is also fast. J.B.

  J B 23:46 12 Jan 2006

miles right, sorry about the bad URL go to click here then scroll down to registry then scroll to tweaknow reg cleaner standard. J.B.

  Strawballs 00:34 13 Jan 2006
  Chegs ®™ 03:54 13 Jan 2006

My system and registry cleaners have never mixed.If I run one,reboot always gets me a BSOD,and has done since 98se.I followed VoG's advice and got Regscrub,rebooted and got BSOD.Easy fix(I have a registry backup utility)and have had no further issues with RegScrub.

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