Registry Cleaner Advice

  Durko 12:42 29 Apr 2008

Can anyone direct me to a Registry Cleaner package for "dummies" so I can follow simple instructions to carry out a spring clean of my pc which runs Win XP Home os. Want the full software not just trial versions with partial application.


  Taff™ 12:50 29 Apr 2008

CCleaner click here Highly recommended on this forum.

  rdave13 12:52 29 Apr 2008

I can recommend Ccleaner, never had a problem with it; click here

  dogbreath1 14:03 29 Apr 2008

CCleaner is indeed very good. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner does a more thorough job and I've had no problems with it yet (5 XP machines and 1 Vista).

click here

  iscanut 14:43 29 Apr 2008

Can agree that CCleaner does a good job and is very reliable. Never given me any problems over the years.

  rawprawn 15:35 29 Apr 2008

I agree with the comments about CCleaner, but Eusing Registry Cleaner is excellent ans safe. (I use both)
click here

  Rob_08 16:17 29 Apr 2008

Dont bother cleaning your registry ! its a total waste of time. Over the last 15 years i have not only studied the registry but have also concluded that no amount of cleaning does any good whatsoever, you will notice no system performance increases and will only cause system failure by inadvertently removing a needed key. Ccleaner although fairly carefulin its operation, is no exception.
The registry is so vast removing 50 or 200 keys here and there will do absolutely nothing but harm in the long run.
I have not cleaned my Xp Pro registry at all , although i do make disk images (which is a damn sight better all round). And my system is as fast as the day i installed it and with no errors at all caused by awful needless registry cleaning tools.

Also read this first
click here

Cheers and happy computing.

  rawprawn 16:46 29 Apr 2008

I happen to disagree with you, sometimes problems are caused by residual registry keys, and a cleaner can help
click here

  Durko 17:18 29 Apr 2008

Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated.


  Halmer 17:22 29 Apr 2008


the benefits when compared against the risk have convinced me that the registry is best left alone.

in my humble opinion.

  dogbreath1 18:51 29 Apr 2008

Sorry mate, that's just plain wrong!! You can definitely notice a performance improvement after running Eusing Free Registry Cleaner.

My PC is often on for days at a time. After a lot of use it naturally becomes a bit sluggish. I run Eusing and Iobit SmartRam and that gives me a great boost until I decide to reboot.

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