Registry cleaner?

  Bez76 10:53 12 May 2007


I have a Dell Dimension Desktop and keep downloading and deleting programs (typical novice!) and I'm wondering whether it is worth looking at a registry cleaner (I already have CCleaner, AdAware and AVG)?

Any advice around maintaining my pc would be appreciated,



  Forum Editor 11:35 12 May 2007

CCleaner will keep an eye on the registry for you, and the other two programs will take care of the rest.

  spuds 13:46 12 May 2007

If you want to consider further programmes, then these are worth a look and possible install. All are free to use for personal use, with regular updates were necessary.

Advanced Windows Care click here

Spyware Terminator click here

RegScrubXP click here

  johndrew 15:15 12 May 2007

I would suggest that if you are going to use a Registry Cleaner then you should backup the Registry first.

Ccleaner gives this option but ERUNT click here offers a very quick service and the ability to simply click on the backup to reinstall in the event of a problem.

The ERUNT package also includes an optimiser (NTREGOPT) in the event you feel this is necessary - I have never used it so cannot advise on its efficiency.

I`m probably preaching to the converted, but DO NOT run more than one anti-virus on your PC or it may well give you major problems. You have AVG which is pretty good. As for other protection, I presume you have a decent firewall and other anti-malware scanners.

  johndrew 15:20 12 May 2007

Meant to add:

These also have some good free utilities that ArrGee found you may wish to consider:
click here
click here
click here

  Strawballs 21:14 12 May 2007

click here I use this one and it makes a backup that can be restored everytime you use it.

  skidzy 13:09 13 May 2007

This may come in handy for you click here

Just a word of warning though,there are a lot of nasty programs out there carrying unwanted sponsors or worse.If in any doubt about a download,come back to us and we maybe able to advise you of the risk or if its a safe download.

  Bez76 15:16 13 May 2007

Many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply, I'll definitely take a look at the links suggested and come back to let you know how I get on,


  birdface 11:02 17 May 2007

There is a new up-date For C Cleaner,When you open C Cleaner ,bottom right hand side it will say,Check for up-dates now,Just press that,

  supertechgeek 08:28 08 Apr 2008

Use multiple registry cleaners for best result:
click here

  birdface 09:09 08 Apr 2008

Hi.Do you have a problem that you have to open lots of old threads and advertise multiple Registry Cleaners etc.I can't think of any other reason why you would do this.Maybe you are just bored.

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