Registry Cleaner

  Athena 09:24 12 Jan 2006


I recently used Registry Cleaner to try to clear some space on a drive, but cannot now use my computer. Every time the computer is restarted, it just repeats the registry check, says that it is complete with an ok prompt. (I cannot use the mouse to click on 'ok', hence the only available options of Ctrl Alt Delete or switching off.)

Any suggestions anyone?


  PaulB2005 09:27 12 Jan 2006

Can you boot into Safe Mode?

  freaky 09:45 12 Jan 2006

Many years ago I had a similar problem with my mouse - like you I could not move the pointer.

Eventually I could get the pointer to move by using the up/down/left/right arrow keys on the keyboard - when the pointer was on the particular item i.e. OK - then press the enter key.

If this works for you, and you can access Registry Cleaner, then you should be able to restore the backup that it made of your registry.

Good luck.

  stlucia 12:38 12 Jan 2006

I had a similar problem recently with a piece of software (a modem driver installer) without a Cancel button trying to run every time I switched on. I was able to stop it by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del as soon as the software triggered, and then ending the task in Task Manager. Are you able to do that -- i.e. Ctrl-Alt-Del before Registry Cleaner says it's complete?

Then to stop it happening next time, I ran msconfig and deleted the offending software from my startup list.

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