Registry Clean

  newilliamson 18:56 26 Feb 2013

I have been informed today from my router website that I have over 2,600 errors/faults in my registry going back three they state shown in the 'Event viewer,event20227,RasClient file'. Are you able to tell me what this actually means,please and what I need to do to rectify. I am a PC Advisor suscriber and have bween for betqween fifteen and twenty years.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:13 26 Feb 2013

In Windows, when you put the computer into standby while it is using a connection, the computer goes into standby before the dial-up connection can be completely disconnected. Therefore, the disconnection process is complete only after the computer resumes from standby

Ie. nothing to worry about

Don't be frightened into downloading a dodgy reg cleaner that may do more harm than good.

The Registry tool in CCleaner is the only one I recommend as it doesn't do any harm and is the safest I know after using several over the years

Click on Registry Scan for issues - Fix selected issues - Fix all issues

do this a few times until it sops finding anything.

  finerty 19:52 26 Feb 2013

U can download ccleaner from file hippo dot com, iuse it quite often but be warned it will delete your history of your web browser

  Pine Man 08:41 27 Feb 2013

'be warned it will delete your history of your web browser'

Only if you don't set it up correctly!

  spuds 11:10 27 Feb 2013

I use a number of 'registry cleaners' mainly for experimental purposes (which is not for the faint hearted), but I would also suggest CCleaner as a good and reasonably addition for computer 'clean-ups'.

Perhaps also worth a mention, trying various 'clean-up' programs, might lead to what is called 'false/positives' depending on the program and updates. So in actual fact, you might have 'problems' that are or not actually there. So some caution is required?.

  Woolwell 12:50 27 Feb 2013

If your pc is running satisfactorily then I would ignore your router's website. CCleaner as suggested is the only one I would use but I prefer the official site CCleaner for downloads.

  wee eddie 12:51 27 Feb 2013

Your first posting suggests to me, that this information came from a Pop-up. More than likely this is Scareware

If so, ignore it and run Malwarebytes.

  alanrwood 12:52 27 Feb 2013

You can also get the Ccleaner enhancer which adds a lot more options and programs that it can clean.

  newilliamson 17:29 04 Mar 2013

Dear all contributors,

Thank you all very much for your advice given which all followed the same pathway.

I have done what advised and it has had a positive result with my computer.

Again, thank you.

Kind regards,


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