Registry Backups

  Brazils 10:33 27 Oct 2004

If I backup the registry, using export in RegEdit, does that backup the complete registry for all users? I have four accounts on the PC.

The reason I ask is that if I use a registry cleaner on each account separately it finds different redundant keys in each account.

This has made me wonder if there are 4 different registrys, with only some of it common to all users.

I hope I have made sense. Thanks.

  Brazils 10:34 27 Oct 2004

Forgot to mention I use XP

  Gongoozler 10:57 27 Oct 2004

Hi Brazils. AS FAR AS I KNOW (I'm not completely certain), backing up the registry will be complete for all users. There are registry values that are user specific and these have long meaningless alpanumeric strings for there names. My understanding is that user specific data is under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER. I'll now wait for someone more knowledgeable on the registry to tell me how wrong I am.

  Brazils 13:25 27 Oct 2004


  Brazils 09:34 29 Oct 2004

Anyone know the answer to this?


  Brazils 20:49 08 Nov 2004


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