registery write error

  jack 19:56 17 Nov 2004

When starting Nero and sometime another program
'Registery write error- will try ***'[forgotten what the * bit says] comes up.
The program continues to load and run Ok.
What is the significance ?

  GrahamP 21:34 17 Nov 2004

Write errors are often an indication of a failing harddisk especially if they are repeated and from multiple programs.

As a priority make sure all your data and settings(ID's passwords etc)are backed up. If it does go for a Burton it can be sudden and you won't get another chance to save anything elsewhere. Professional data recovery is expensive.

Scandisk may be able to fix the errors. Failing that I would get a new disk and either reinstall the OS and restore the data or use an image copying program to copy them.

  jack 08:28 18 Nov 2004

Thanx grahame P harbinger of good news I guess this allied to the long grind bootup post of mine in recent times may have some significance.
All is prepared for the impending day of doom

  User-312386 08:30 18 Nov 2004

what operating system are you using?

  jack 08:35 18 Nov 2004

XP Pro

  User-312386 08:40 18 Nov 2004

go to start>run and type sfc /scannow (note the space between / and scannow)

Have your XP disc to hand

  GrahamP 11:13 20 Nov 2004


How did you get on?

SFC (system file checker) is a good utility for checking that system files have not been changed/corrupted and will allow you to restore them from your setup disk. This doesn't work for the registry because it is the store of all your settings implemented during and since install. Restoring it from setup would be counter-productive. It may however detect other corrupted files which are causing these problems.

It may also be that Nero and the other program have become corrupted and reinstalling them would help.

Previous versions of Windows provided Scanreg /Fix which would do precisely what you require.

XP doesn't have Scanreg but does provide System Restore which in theory will take you back to a position where all your System Files including the Registry were good. I've had mixed results with this. It can go through the entire process and then simply inform you it cannot do it.
It can work successfully but have unintended consequences when it backs out other things.

XP also allows you to use "Last Known Good Configuration" from the startup menu which restricts itself to restoring the Registry and Driver settings: click here

Scandisk (available from My Computer, C:\, Properties, Tools, Error-Checking) is the best tool for checking your disk for soft/hard errors.

Enabling SMART (Sytem Monitoring and Reliability Tool, I think) in your BIOS (usually on by default if your harddisk supports it) should give you warning of impending doom at boot time. You can also scheck your hardisk SMART status using Belarc Advisor: click here

Please post back and let us know how you got on.

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