Registering a site with Google

  p;3 17:47 18 Dec 2008

May I please have advise on how to get a relatively new forum site 'recognised' by Google and the various 'bots' that crawl web sites?

Thanks, in hope of some replies :)

  p;3 11:05 20 Dec 2008

This has apparently been done but how do we persuade the Bots to trawl 'frequently' such as once a week or more frequently ?

  Forum Editor 09:41 21 Dec 2008

there are no humans involved in the crawling and ranking process. The vast majority of sites listed by Google have never been submitted by their owners/operators - Google's spiders crawl the internet constantly, and they'll find your site without any intervention by you.

If you want to help things along it's a good idea to submit a sitemap, as suggested by fourm member, as long as you're aware that this will not guarantee your pages will all be listed.

Google knows more about the ruses used by webmasters to improve rankings than all the webmasters put together, so don't be tempted to try any of the magic tricks that you'll see being bandied around by some people. When designing a site to be Google-friendly the best advice is to ask yourself one question: "Would I do this if there were no search engines?"

Say 'yes' to that at all times, and you'll be well on the way to having a Google-friendly site.

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