Registering a Domain?

  Djohn 20:02 29 May 2005

Hi guys, have a couple of questions to ask and I know you will be able to help. First time at doing this, so completely in the dark.

I want to register a domain but not host it for the time being, just want to register the name so that it will be safe, only one available is .org or .net all other addresses are already taken. I've decided to use the .net one.

I've been looking at the 1&1 hosting site and see that I can register just the name for the time being or, I can also have an email address from the same domain for an extra cost. [.63 pence per month]

I can't find the answer to my question on the site and even after 3 phone calls to 1&1 I'm still a little unsure because I received different answers each time. On looking at the home page of 1&1 I have been told to select my domain, then add the email account to it, then on the second phone call I was told to do it the other way round!

On neither of these 2 calls or the 3rd call to them could I get a definitive answer to the question of which way to do it or if I could start to use the email account once accepted.

I have the feeling that I can but would like some conformation please. I think I managed to grasp that as soon as I'm ready to host a site with the name I've chosen, I just go into my 1&1 account and upgrade it to one of their hosting packages.

It will be a business account, and in the sign up process it request the company name and number, I have the name I want to use but it will be just a sole trader, so no company number for me to enter, but this is a mandatory field to fill in. Will it be OK for me to register the name as a private individual for the time being then when I'm ready to host the site, change it to one of their business hosting packs.

I'm sorry if this confuses anyone but I've tried my best to explain to 1&1 over the phone and either they can't understand what it is I want, or I'm failing to understand their explanation.

I will be grateful for any help you can give me with this. Thank you dj.

  spuds 21:19 29 May 2005

I use 1&1 for domain registrations. I can receive email into my domain account for the annual fee.1&1 redirects that email into my home ISP Tiscali account as part of the standard package deal-£1.99 pa for .org or Sending emails through my domain, I pay the 69 pence per month which I find makes life easier, as you have a bigger capacity.

Company details are required by Nominet, but there is nothing to stop you registering in your own name. You can transfer later if you wish, and 1&1 will do this for you.

  ade.h 22:35 29 May 2005

Hi, Djohn. Nice to see that you're still around in the forum. I haven't seen you posting for a while (though I've been AWOL myself!)

If you want to keep things quite simple, I would recommend Freedom2Surf; click here for the domain name purchase and click here for the hosting. They are seperate, so you can purchase the hosting service as and when required, with or without email facilities. It's £24 ex vat for each service. The domain name registration is £7.50 ex vat for suffixes that you're interested in.

Email me if you have any questions.

  Forum Editor 23:28 29 May 2005

and you'll have no problem setting up your account. Register the name first, and then, when the name is 'parked' you can set up your mailbox. It will take a day or so for 1&1 to register the name and get it retagged to their name servers. The mailbox can be redirected to your existing POP3 mailbox, so all your mail will come to one place.

Once the name is safely parked you can relax. Later on you can open your business hosting account and publish a site in your server space.

  Djohn 00:30 30 May 2005

Many thanks guys, nice to see you on-line as well ade.h. Thank you FE, that is what I will do first thing in the morning.

I have a feeling I will be spending quite some time in this forum asking questions instead of answering them in the other rooms. I will start by searching and reading up on as many threads as I can, then when the time comes to ask questions I know that you guys won't let me down. Thanks again. dj.

  Forum Editor 01:23 30 May 2005

when you are.

Good luck.

  ade.h 16:42 30 May 2005

I think I'll be wanting answers to many of the same questions Djohn. Like you, I'm quite new to the sphere of web design. Good luck with your project.

  Taff36 17:05 30 May 2005

Hi there - Not bumped into you for a while! I am thinking of starting from scratch with website design and I wondered if you had any recommendations for a web design programme. I have got a legitimate copy of Dreamweaver MX but everyone says it is not the one to start off with because of the steep learning curve. I would welcome your opinion so either post back or e-mail me a PM if you don`t still have my e-mail address.

Regards Taff36 (Peter)

  Djohn 22:18 30 May 2005

Hello Taff36, Well, its all new to me, I too have a steep learning curve to digest. I've chosen Frontpage 2003 to design my website for two reasons.

1) I have it. 2) I'm doing a 10 weeks evening course at my local Uni [Free] on how to use Frontpage to design, upload and maintain a website.

Others have said to me that there are better applications, but I believe both FE and Tarren have confidence in Frontpage, so that's good enough for me. I registered my domain this morning by the way with 1&1 very easy to do and it was confirmed within the hour.

I will now be working on a basic website during course I'm on and hopefully some advice from this forum. Its for a couple of my wife's friends who have two very well established [6 years] Dog grooming salons, and are in the process of opening 2 more this year offering all options of grooming for all breeds of dog plus they will be using one of the new shops as a training school for groomers.

They have very kindly asked me to handle all aspects of their first website and that is why I registered the domain in my name, I will willingly pass the ownership over to them if I fail to achieve the standard of site they require.

I realise this is quite a task, but I know my limitations, I will design the site and if I can achieve what is required they are more than happy to pay me a reasonable amount of money for the work, seeing that I'm unable to go out to work for health reasons this will be a big help to me financially.

Fingers crossed, I will be starting work on the site toward the end of this week and if all goes well upgrade my package at 1&1 to a hosting pack and the site will go live, I'll use my personal space from my ISP for testing purpose.

It will be quite a basic site to start with offering information of the services provided with images of before/after of the groomed dogs - details and prices of all services, courses and contact details and I expect it to be about 4 to 5 pages. Later it will expand to include on-line booking for both the grooming and training courses.

  Taff36 22:59 30 May 2005

Thanks for that. I am currently out of work and inbetween job hunting I am improving my knowledge of computing which has been a hobby of mine for about 10 years. I`ll take a good look at Frontpage because like you I`ve been asked to design two websites for friends. I`ve told them I know n`owt but they have more confidence than I have at the moment! Cheers - keep in touch!

  Forum Editor 23:40 31 May 2005

and you've made an excellent choice as far as software is concerned.

Don't forget that your ISP free space may not have the FrontPage extensions installed, and although you'll still be able to publish your site to the server you'll find that none of the special FP components (like forms and hover buttons for instance) will work.

I suggest you do not opt for a frames site by the way - use tables. That's it - I'll shut up and let you get on with it.

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