Register cleaner(Glary)-any benefit

  gnvqsos 11:35 21 Jun 2010

I recently updated xp with sp3 and I now have a dodgy PC.Ihave run mwbytes and Spybot but nothing has been detected.Can I rescue this by cleaning registry and by restoring deleted files.I may have inadvertantly inflicted some self harm.What is the best way to use a cleaner such as Glary Utilities?Many thanks John

  Belatucadrus 12:01 21 Jun 2010

Define "dodgy PC", what's the matter with it ?

  gnvqsos 12:21 21 Jun 2010

I am unable to carry out system srtore and can no longer access the internet.The task manager does not display completely and performs differently depending upon which of the five account holders is opened.I would be grateful for some help as I becoming desperate and frustrated

  john bunyan 12:49 21 Jun 2010

I would run Malawarebytes in safe mode. Also download and run Superantispyware (free) - sometimes these each find things the other has missed.Re registry cleaners, I would only use CCleaner myself as others can be more trouble than they are worth.You could get a friend to download SAS and put it on a memory stick to install that way if you cant get on the net.

  gnvqsos 13:07 21 Jun 2010

Dear JB

I have tried this method but when I scan it does complete.SAS experts tell me to untick three kernels but when I attempt to access this the PG freezes-it really is peculiar.Ican identfy adware but because the scan is incomplete I cannot remove.And there may be other items not yet detected.Any ideas please John

  john bunyan 13:10 21 Jun 2010

Hopefully others will comment. Did you mean it does not complete? Did you do it in safe mode? There is a SAS forum I think.

  gnvqsos 13:13 21 Jun 2010

Yes it does not complete and is reluctant to load.When I try safe mode thne Pc starts up in normal fashion so there is a problem there I suspectJohn

  Belatucadrus 16:14 21 Jun 2010

Regarding your question about Glary Utilities, I've been using it for a while with no real problems, so I'd suggest running "I click maintenance" with everything but Tracks Eraser selected and let it do its thing.
I'd also go to the Windows Standard Tools in the System tools section module and run Checkdisk & if you've got a suitable Windows XP disk, System File Checker.

  gnvqsos 07:56 22 Jun 2010

I nhave a recovery disc -would that be suitable for this purpose John

  john bunyan 08:57 22 Jun 2010

I think so but suggest you wait for an expert like Fruit Bat to comment.

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