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  freefx 07:58 25 Dec 2003

Have a BTC DVD writer and using Power DVD player to play disc. Has usedthe region control setting 3 times and now left with 2 more. Is this 'region playback control' message come from the Power DVD software and how can i disable it to make my player is an all region?


  QQAA 08:25 25 Dec 2003

Download a region-free Firmware codes (RPC-1) to patch the existing one inside your region-protected (RPC-2) BTC DVD writer. This firmware modification is considered risky for common users and would took some time to study, understand, and experiment.

This website click here has some information on patching of firmware codes. But I think you still need to use a free companion software tool (DVD Genie) to work with your PowerDVD in order to watch DVD discs from various regions successfully. You can find information on "DVD Genie" in this website click here.

The most easy solution is to use the well-proven "DVD Region-Free" shareware tool to run in the background. It is currently in Ver 3.25 and you can find it in this website click here.

I have recently tried out "DVD Region-Free" Ver 3.22 and it worked flawlessly. For your information, my system's DVD region counter has reached a zero status some time ago but it is no longer an issue now.

  St.Anger 16:51 25 Dec 2003

yeah i have used dvd region free for a while now and it enables playback of all regions with no errors it just runs in the background and changes the region accordingly to the disc in the drive

i would reccomend this rather than flashing as flashing can leave you with unusable hardware

  QQAA 18:56 27 Dec 2003

For those who are interested on the RPC-1 approach to attain region-free status of hardware region-locked (RPC-2) DVD-ROM Drive, an article from the website "click here" is probably the best that I have seen on such a delicate topic that is normally easy to talk but difficult to describe.

Due to the unusual design of the website, I have to manually specify the navigation path towards the article as below :

"Main Website Address" > "The Basics" > "DVD Basics" > "How To Make Your DVD-ROM Region Free"

Hope it helps.

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