regedit xp

  denis93c 23:50 12 Nov 2003

can any-one advise what is good in reg edit and what is either wrong or does not belong there,with-out giving me a confusing hyperlink.
i am aware the register is very very sensitive and should not be toiled with.

the registry is a vast database, without access to your machine there is no way that anyone could tell you what should and should not be in it. Is there something in particular that concerns you?

  VoG II 23:58 12 Nov 2003

Sorry denis93c but that's like asking how many sorts of crimes are there. There are loads of things that could be "bad".

If you think there is somethoing in your vregistry that is "wrong" please post the problem and I reckon we can sort it.

Having said that a lot of problems can be sorted using Ad-aware click here and Spybot click here

Or you can clean the registry (in XP) using RegScrubXP click here

  hugh-265156 00:05 13 Nov 2003

unless you are careful things could get very nasty if you start deleting things willy nilly.

most reg cleaners are not very user friendly,are usually a bit geeky and i have had problems with most of them,mainly because i didnt know what i was doing.

of all i have tried the very best in my opinion is jv16 power tools click here never had a problem with it and i use it will ignore anything it deems unsafe to remove unless you instruct it to list the ignored items.

best to leave the reg well alone unless you have problems though.

  denis93c 00:14 13 Nov 2003

i am learning as we all are,i am very concerned about system restore points in xp ,as mine do not bring me back in time as they should.

  DieSse 00:22 13 Nov 2003

"i am very concerned about system restore points in xp ,as mine do not bring me back in time as they should."

Could you explain this please - what did you try to do, and what did it do that you didn't expect (or what didn't it do that you did expect).

By the way, System Restore does not and should not affect your data files/email messages etc.

  hugh-265156 00:26 13 Nov 2003

make sure windows is up to date click here

  denis93c 01:51 13 Nov 2003

i deleted clone cd,tried to go back to a time when it was installed,but to my surprise no restore points worked at all with or with out clone cd

  Jester2K II 07:45 13 Nov 2003

as huggyg71 said "make sure windows is up to date " there is a patch for no working System Restore Points.

  plsndrs3 12:13 13 Nov 2003

You are attempting to use the Restore point to restore Clone CD, which has been deleted [for whatever reason] from your system? My understanding is that System Restore is only capable of restoring important files - such as the registry and other vital background programs and cannot re-install deleted programs, which must be done with the original installation disc.

  Jester2K II 12:20 13 Nov 2003

As plsndrs3 says you can't use SR to recover CloneCD - however there is a patch avalible to fix the SR problem.

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