regedit in the SIMPLEST of terms required

  compumac 20:06 18 Mar 2014

I have a relative (a difficult one) who downloaded a rogue programme and it caused him untold problems> I used TeamViewer and tidied up his laptop and removed the offending programme. Unfortunately it has left some residue behind and I used CCleaner to tidy everything up, but it did not remove the programme residue. I accessed the registry files and found that there were some bits of the programme left behind. I am more than hesitant about using TeamViewer to remove these and wondered as to the wording in the SIMPLEST of terms for him to remove these entries himself without causing a further problem. I have looked around and have not come across instruction that he would be able to follow. Can anyone provide the SIMPLEST of instruction in same?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:41 18 Mar 2014

Leave well alone

If you or he messes up using regedit the machine may not even boot into windows and you could lose everything

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:42 18 Mar 2014

CCleaner is the safest reg tool around run reg cleaner several times (min 5) and see what happens. 20:56 18 Mar 2014

The simple answer is leave the registry alone unless you have :-

a) a very recent image of the hard disk and are prepared to restore that image if anything goes wrong.

b) are prepared to erase the whole hard disk and reinstall windows and all the programs and then set them up exactly the way they were before.

Editing the registry is a dangerous game to play and if your relative needs simple instructions they are not qualified to edit it. It is so easy to really mess things up by typing the wrong information into the wrong part of the registry.

If you feel confident to undertake the editing then get your relative to bing the computer to you. That may just make them more careful about what they download in future.

  compumac 21:01 18 Mar 2014

Fruit Bat/\0/.

I do realise the implications of modifying regedit and having many, many difficulties with said relative in assisting him with his laptop and I am reluctant to proceed further from afar with this particular aspect. I have run CCleaner (using TeamViewer) twice but offender is still there. If it was my PC with ME, SITTING in front of it I would not hesitate, but relative is someone who blames the person assisting for the slightest blemish appearing. I live some considerable distance away so it is not practical to visit.

I have in the past suggested that he take his problems to a local computer store.

Will take your comment on board about running CCleaner 5 times and see what happens.

  compumac 21:09 18 Mar 2014


I have in the past edited regedits, but in this particular case am reluctant to even attempt it due to relative's excitable/agitated(?) nature. I have gone through many similar situations with him but he has never learnt his lesson and I am sure that he never will.

Too far away to consider physically to attend to.

I suppose in reality I should ask him to seek help elsewhere. 21:51 18 Mar 2014


Are the left over bits in the registry causing any problems?

If not, then I would suggest just leaving them alone and not saying anything about them to your relative.

  compumac 22:20 18 Mar 2014


Relative knows about them as they appear in a dialogue box on boot up. I had said disregard it unless it becomes a problem. But I know about it and I prefer to have everything tickety-boo, although in his case............................!

  wee eddie 23:39 18 Mar 2014

May I suggest: That he digs deep and pays your Train Fare and a bottle of decent Brandy

  compumac 08:26 19 Mar 2014

wee eddie.

At my time of age, all I want is quietness and solitude without harassment which is what happens when he has PC trouble.

The reality is that being as difficult as he is, even a bottle of decent brandy could not be enough.

  wee eddie 09:51 19 Mar 2014

Same with my brother-in-law, a very successful business man, who taxed my knowledge (not as wide as yours) to the extreme, but was always ringing up for "Tips"!

I eventually persuaded him that something that he had done was way beyond my pay scale and introduced him to my favourite Geek, who charges very reasonably but is not cheap. The two got on like a house on fire, Pat seems to think he's the bees knees and I haven't had a computer related phone call in months.

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