Regedit not working?

  grifval 00:29 30 Mar 2004

My Registry Editor seems to have stopped working. When I try to get it to find a program reference which I know to be in the Registry, it just flashes up the window 'Finished checking the Regisry' without finding anything. Any help would be appreciated.

  hugh-265156 00:46 30 Mar 2004

from my own experience its a bit of an art serching the registry.the item you are looking for may not be listed exactly as you type it into find.

what is it you wish to remove?

try regseeker click here its quite good or the 30 day trial of jv16 powertools click here the best in my opinion.

  grifval 00:51 30 Mar 2004

Thanks Huggyg71, I will probably try those, but I would like to get my own Registry Editor working again, as I have used it many times over the years, and I am familiar with the 'Find', and I know this is not correct the way it is responding to it.

  hugh-265156 01:03 30 Mar 2004

as above what is it you are looking for in the reg and does regedit open,function as normal etc apart from you cannot find the item your lookin for?

  grifval 01:14 30 Mar 2004

It opens, I type in a program name or reference word, but every time, it just immediately flashes up the Checked Registry box. I have tested it countless times, by typing in words that I can see in the Registry. Same results! I discovered this fault by searching for a program that I had just installed, which it couldn't find. I checked the Registry manually and found it. I have been testing it all day, and it doesn't find anything!

  hugh-265156 01:36 30 Mar 2004

did you highlight "my computer" in the top left pane before searching using find?

as you probally know regedit opens with the last viewed so if you dont highlight my computer before using find it will only search from the location where you selected.

i think(at least in xp it does)

  grifval 01:42 30 Mar 2004

Well, Huggyg71, you have hit the spot!! I was searching from a different folder. I changed that to 'My Computer' and all is well. Many thanks, I can't stand it when something isn't working right on my PC. All is now well, thanks to you.

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