Is RegClean any good?

  vienna1981 13:37 01 Oct 2003

I noticed it in the downloads section and was thinking of downloading it as i probably have a lot of unused keys, etc but i wanted to know if it is any good or if there are better free utilities that do the same job? Thanks in advance.

  leo49 13:48 01 Oct 2003

This program was written by some MS bods in their spare time and was unsupported by Microsoft[as far as I'm aware that is still the situation].Recommended by many sites NOT to be used with XP.

RegcleanER - a forerunner and component of jv16Powertools[now sadly no longer free] is a much safer and better proposition.

  Belatucadrus 17:27 01 Oct 2003

click here for the old free version of JV16

click here for RegscrubXP

  as400man 18:31 01 Oct 2003

I've used this with XP for nearly a year and it seems to do a good job. I use it regularly and it finds only a few errors but when I first used it after messing about getting XP working as I wanted it found plenty of invalid registry entries. Try it, it won't do any harm in my experience.

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