Regarding SparkTrust PC Cleaner to clean computer

  bernvs 12:46 15 Sep 2015

Has anyone had experience of this program. I have just run a scan which has come up with several 'errors'. Is it worth purchase or is there any alternative suggeststions?

  compumac 12:50 15 Sep 2015

Trustworthy click here

  Govan1x 13:12 15 Sep 2015

Not sure where you got it from but I would give it a miss. maybe give your security programs a run as there are a lot of bad sites for downloading it.

  compumac 13:23 15 Sep 2015

Should have read Trustworthy??

click here

  hssutton 13:54 15 Sep 2015

After my experience with a friend PC I would say stay well clear. Sparktrust suddenly appeared on her PC on start up. Confusing Sparktrust with Ccleaner she let it run. only to be confronted with a message saying she had several hundred problems and that it would cost for the program to remove these problems, so she closed the program down. She then found that she could not run any programs, so she restarted he PC only to be confronted with the same message. That is when she asked if I could help. I started up the PC in Safe Mode, but after a few seconds the PC shut down. Eventually I reformatted the PC as it was the only way to go with my limited experience. SparkTrust reviews

  compumac 14:27 15 Sep 2015

There have been many instances of people downloading a free programme with this sort of result. My advice is, if you come across a programme that you are in the least bit wary of, then do a google on the application BEFORE doing anything else.

  bernvs 21:15 16 Sep 2015

Many thanks for the responses. I have deleted it

  wee eddie 21:44 16 Sep 2015

If I were you, I'd also run Malwearbytes

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