Regarding purchasing new phone

  meetganesh22 15:20 24 Sep 2013


I am writing this mail so as to help me out in purchasing a new phone.

I have selected two models - Samsung Galaxy S4 & Apple Iphone 5. The price is not an issue but it should be the worth it according to the features it is having and when compared with other.

I have all the specifications of both the phone but still unable to decide as whether the cost is justifying to their features.

My basic requirements is mentioned below - - to make a call - to take pictures & make videos - use internet through 2G network - download and use various applications - use emails of 2 to 3 accounts in a phone. - fond of music and videos and movies.

At present I am using Nokia Lumia 710; so which phone will be better to to.

Kindly suggest also feel free to ask any question if it will be effecting my purchasing decision and also suggest my decision of buying new phone is ok or shall I continue with Lumia 710 as it is 1.5 years old.

Waiting for your reply.

Regards, Ganesh Agarwal Ph - 09917321434

  lotvic 15:45 24 Sep 2013

Here is PCAdvisors Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 comparison review ClickHere

or you could google for 'compare samsung galaxy s4 vs apple iphone 5' for even more comparison reviews.

If your Lumia 710 does everything that you feel you need and want, then there is no need to change it IMHO

Choice is down to your own personal feelings for which phone will suit you best.

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