Regarding my laptop internet connection.

  soulofknight 12:58 02 Jul 2018

Since last week, my laptop had been facing a problem.

The problem is that, whenever I on my laptop, the internet access is working fine at first. But after a few minutes, the laptop network status shows limited access, and I am totally cut off from internet access permanently, and can only regain internet access after restarting again. When my internet access is being cut off, my laptop could not even detect other wireless networks around me too. After I restart my laptop, the same cycle happens again, I can only access internet for just a moment, sometimes I can access internet for just a few minutes, sometimes it can last for a few hours before my internet connection is being cut off.

I am sure it is not my modem problem because my other devices are working properly with the wifi. I also tried many ways such as clearing all web browsing history and cache, off the firewall, uninstall AVG (as I check from internet that AVG could be the culprit of this problem), but then I still could not get it fixed. I also tried the 'ipconfig /release' and 'ipconfig /flushdns' method because I read from somewhere in the internet it says sometimes this method will help, but I still cannot resolve the problem.

I read from some website on the internet, they try to get people to type on cmd 'ipconfig /all>myTCP.txt' and copy paste the text to show them something like that. Therefore I get a screenshot of the text document and attached the screenshot to this mail. I hope you can help me with this problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:34 02 Jul 2018

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