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  AngeTheHippy 06:18 01 Oct 2004

Morning all, My PCs now 2 years old, and she's playing up a bit. Odd little things happening, mouse freezes, apps freeze, freezing in screensaver mode, when putting into hibernation it doesn't always get past the 'going into hibernation' screen, and even when 'start/turn off computer/turn off' activated, it can just stop doing ANYTHING on the last screen - everything just hangs, and the only was when any of these scenarios happen is to hold the I/O button for 8 seconds to turn off. I've tried sys restore, to no avail, and although my HD isn't anywhere near to being full,I think a clean HD would help a lot. I'm running up to (cos it's taking a while to back up stuff!!)formating the HDD, but think I also need to clean inside the tower, the fan area etc. What's the best way to clean that area? I don't have one of those tiny IT vacuum cleaners, only a Dyson (bit big, me thinks...)or an air cleaner in a can. Your thoughts are greatly needed on this one!

Thanks loads,


  AngeTheHippy 07:30 01 Oct 2004

Morning chaps, valvegrid, this sounds perfect way to clean up. Will give this a go.
madboy33, hi. My HDD is 120Gb with only 12Gb used space. Each time I go to defrag, it tells me no need to. Diskcheck - so you mean disk cleanup? can't find diskcheck...


  AngeTheHippy 12:20 01 Oct 2004

I'm sorry, yeah, using XP home. Done the 'my comp/right click C/Properties/Tools' bit. I was recommended using a reg cleaner called vj16 power tools and have been using that. It finds new stuff each time I use it - roughly every 2 days. The other suggestion madboy33©®, <<Have you looked in services (right click "My Computer">click on manage>double click services and applications>double click services) to see what is running?>> I don't know what I'm looking for. I usually do a ctrl/alt/del processes to see whats running - is that the same thing?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:54 01 Oct 2004

Speed up your computer---
click here will tell you what you need on start up and what you can disable and exactly how to do it safely.

  ICF 06:51 02 Oct 2004


Avoid a chinchilla in close proximity to the PC at all costs.

Oh I don't know they could come in very handy to clean out the dust.Just place one on a stick and use it as a duster :-)

  AngeTheHippy 10:39 02 Oct 2004

I love it! I really do!! Don't have a Chinchilla though, will squirrells do.....?

Dorsai, This is a completely smoke-free house and the dog isn't allowed upstairs. PCs on a desk.

madboy33©®, I go to msconfig quite a lot, just to check up, and there's nought there that I can disable at startup now. It's not really the SPEED of the PC that's getting me down, it's the freezing and disappearing icons (only for a second or 3..)and the fact that it doesn't always power down, even though I get 'windows is closing' I have to hold in the O/I button. I think (could be wrong..) that it's just a bit 'tired' now, and could do with a format..


  Rayuk 11:09 02 Oct 2004

Have you monitored the cpu temps at all,may give a clue as to whether your heatsink may need attention.
If you remove the fan from the heatsink you may be amazed at the accumulated dust there.Even using an air cannistor doesnt shift it all down to a little brush.

  Rayuk 12:45 02 Oct 2004

Can you not put some kind of block on the desk so the pc cannot move back any further.An L shaped block of wood would do,if that doesnt work you could always use the wood for something else :-)

  AngeTheHippy 14:16 02 Oct 2004

Interested in the 2 products you suggest. I've got jv16 power tools (reg cleaner) already, should I delete this before trying these others? This 'temperature' business interests me - how do I find out what temps my PCs running with? and what is the norm temps?

Noelg23 - Doh!!! A Woman Here - by towers pushed pretty far back too, just moved it away from the wall a bit...

Chinchillas - my bro re-homes stray/abused little chinchs - they are sweet, but a bit difficult to care for them properly I think.


  AngeTheHippy 14:37 02 Oct 2004

<<and I said I wanted a woman who had none>> - had none what..... ? 8)

  AngeTheHippy 15:17 02 Oct 2004

Why do my threads always produce more replies than all the rest put together??

*******COS I'M JUST A LI'L OLD HIPPY!!!!!*******

Got NAV / live update, and it IS up to date, 961, so will stay with that one...

Bought a powered USB hub last week, but this has been doing these things before I bought it...

I've done sys restore, but it doesn't improve things,

I'm pretty sure all the fans working OK - mind you, wasn't aware the graphics card had it's own dedicated little fan...will have a look.

Just looked at the MAD Athlon site * * * SCARY STUFF!* * * over my head, 961. No, I though there was a way, maybe looking in the BIOSS thingy to ascertain what the termperatures were.


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