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  AngeTheHippy 06:18 01 Oct 2004

Morning all, My PCs now 2 years old, and she's playing up a bit. Odd little things happening, mouse freezes, apps freeze, freezing in screensaver mode, when putting into hibernation it doesn't always get past the 'going into hibernation' screen, and even when 'start/turn off computer/turn off' activated, it can just stop doing ANYTHING on the last screen - everything just hangs, and the only was when any of these scenarios happen is to hold the I/O button for 8 seconds to turn off. I've tried sys restore, to no avail, and although my HD isn't anywhere near to being full,I think a clean HD would help a lot. I'm running up to (cos it's taking a while to back up stuff!!)formating the HDD, but think I also need to clean inside the tower, the fan area etc. What's the best way to clean that area? I don't have one of those tiny IT vacuum cleaners, only a Dyson (bit big, me thinks...)or an air cleaner in a can. Your thoughts are greatly needed on this one!

Thanks loads,


  Valvegrid 07:05 01 Oct 2004

At work to clean the electronic equipment we use a vacuum clean with a hose, in our case a 'Little Henry' and a small paint brush. The paint brush is used the dislodge the dust and all the vacuum cleaner does is to collect the dust that's in the air. As I work in a hospital we use an air cylinder with a low flow rate to gently blow the dust out from difficult to get at areas, like processor heatsinks, a little air can would do fine, still using the vacuum cleaner to collect the dust, so you don't breath it in.

Every 6-8 months I do the same at home, you'd be surprised at the amount of much that's sucked in the computer box.

  Valvegrid 07:07 01 Oct 2004

Must be too early

"amount of much" should read "amount of muck"

The spell check won't pick that up :-)

  User-312386 07:10 01 Oct 2004

have you carried out a defrag and diskcheck?

  AngeTheHippy 07:30 01 Oct 2004

Morning chaps, valvegrid, this sounds perfect way to clean up. Will give this a go.
madboy33, hi. My HDD is 120Gb with only 12Gb used space. Each time I go to defrag, it tells me no need to. Diskcheck - so you mean disk cleanup? can't find diskcheck...


  Valvegrid 07:35 01 Oct 2004

I think madboy33©® means scandisk, at least I hope he does otherwise he'll give me a flea in my ear 'ole :-)

  Gongoozler 07:58 01 Oct 2004

Hi AngeTheHippy. At 2 years old I doubt that you'll find anything inside the tower is very dusty other than the fans and heatsinks. You may find that there is an accumulation of dust between the fins of the processor heatsink, so give that a good blow or suck, possibly with a bit of mechanical encouragement. Don't worry too much about a bit of dust on the other components unless it's looking thick enough to cause problems otherwise you'll be risking electrostatic damage without any real benefits.

The reason you have to hold the power switch in for a few seconds to switch off will be because of a setting in BIOS, probably under a Power Options submenu. This is designed to prevent accidental switching off, but it can be set to Instant Off.

  User-312386 08:33 01 Oct 2004

Double click "My Computer">right click your "C" drive>select properties>click on the tools tab

Now click on "Error Checking"

A box will pop up, tick both the boxes.

Restart the computer

Also do you have a registry cleaner? The reason why i ask is that the registry becomes somewhat bloated.

Have you looked in services (right click "My Computer">click on manage>double click services and applications>double click services) to see what is running?

  User-312386 08:35 01 Oct 2004

I am assuming you have windows XP?

  AngeTheHippy 12:20 01 Oct 2004

I'm sorry, yeah, using XP home. Done the 'my comp/right click C/Properties/Tools' bit. I was recommended using a reg cleaner called vj16 power tools and have been using that. It finds new stuff each time I use it - roughly every 2 days. The other suggestion madboy33©®, <<Have you looked in services (right click "My Computer">click on manage>double click services and applications>double click services) to see what is running?>> I don't know what I'm looking for. I usually do a ctrl/alt/del processes to see whats running - is that the same thing?


  Noelg23 12:33 01 Oct 2004

Ive had my PC for only 9months and about 2 months ago I gave it a good clean out with an air compressor...I opened it up again last week and there was more dust it looks I will need a nice little vacuum cleaner for...but where can I get one? I am hoping to clean out my PC at least every 6months to a of my biggest worries is my partner who has a knack of smoking near the PC...I have already banned her from doing this but to no avail...any ideas guys? trust me smoking can kill a PC as well humans!!

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