Reg Seeker V 1.55

  David4637 13:17 13 Aug 2008

I have just downloaded the above.
When Clean the registry is selected it gives three options -
1.Auto Clean
2. Exclusions
3. OK
Would someone please explain these options, as the previous version just had OK to run it?
Thanks David

  Seth Haniel 13:32 13 Aug 2008

Auto clean - does the 'full monty' scans and deletes all in one action

Exclusions - remembers false positives

Ok - scans and gives the results for you to decide what to keep and what to delete

  David4637 15:29 14 Aug 2008

Thanks seth that was simply put and is understood.
Cheers and thanks David

  Halmer 15:56 14 Aug 2008

concerned about letting it loose.

Also found this interesting read.

Registry Cleaners have been discussed many times at Wilders and it's not my intention to discuss Registry Cleaners
all over again. These discussions taught me, which Registry Cleaners are the better ones.
These discussions didn't tell me which Registry Cleaner
- is the very best, because each member has his own opinion on that.
- is the SAFEST one, bacause each member has his own opinion on that too.
So I did a crazy test on my own to figure out which Registry Cleaner could be the SAFEST one, which is IMO the most important property of a Registry Cleaner.

Once winXPproSP2 is installed OFF-LINE, your harddisk contains nothing but winXPproSP2-registries and
MS Application-registries and all these registries are supposed to be VALID without any exception, which means that each Registry Cleaner in theory
won't report any registry that needs to be removed.
Experts will most probably tell me, that some registries can be removed safely and I have no doubts they are right, but that doesn't solve anything for less-knowledgeable users.
Less-knowledgeable users and I prefer to think like one, don't know anything about registries and they don't see the difference between a registry, that can be removed safely and a registry, that cannot be removed.
So any reported registry by a Registry Cleaner in this test is a FALSE POSITIVE for less-knowledgeable users.

Registry Cleaner Test
The following Registry Cleaners in alphabetic order were included in this test.
I used most well-known Registry Cleaners and a few newcomers in my test, that were mentioned at Wilders.

Ace Utilities v3.0 (Acelogix) - $29.95
Amust Registry Cleaner v2.1 (AMUST Software) – $29.99
CCleaner v1.28.277 (CCleaner) - Freeware
EasyCleaner v2.0.6.380 (ToniArts) - Freeware
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner v1.0 (Eusing Software) – Freeware
JV16 PowerTools 2006 v1.5.2.336 (MaceCraft Software) - $29.95
Registry Healer v4.4.1 (KsL Software) -
Registry Mechanic v5.2 (PC Tools Software) - $29.95
RegSeeker v1.45.0505 (Hover Inc.) - Freeware
RegSupreme v1.3.0.35 (Macecraft Software) - $12.95
RegSupreme Pro v1.2.0.38 (Macecraft Software) - $16.95
RegVac v4.02 (Super Win Software) – $29.95
TuneUp Utilities 2006 (TuneUp Software) - $39.99
(Registry Medic isn't included, because the download page was dead.)

Registry Cleaner Test Results
If there was an expert mode, I took the normal mode, like less-knowledgeable users would do.
The number behind each Registry Cleaner = number of registries, that were reported for removal.

The most aggressive one is #13.

01. Amust Registry Cleaner...... : 11
02. EasyCleaner................. : 22
03. CCleaner.................... : 23
04. Registry Mechanic........... : 28
05. Ace Utilities............... : 36
06. JV16 PowerTools 2006........ : 50
07. RegSupreme.................. : 64
08. RegSupreme Pro.............. : 64
09. TuneUp Utilities 2006....... : 109
10. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner : 124
11. RegVac Registry Cleaner..... : 139
12. Registry Healer............. : 185
13. RegSeeker................... : 208

Don't take this test too seriously. It's just an indication.
My advice for less-knowledgeable users is still : use any of these Registry Cleaners VERY CAREFULLY or not at all.
I'm going to use one of the freewares in combination with "Total Uninstall v3.61" to remove the leftovers after running TU.

  David4637 17:24 15 Aug 2008

Thanks for your report. Have used RegSeeker for years and have always "deleted" what they flagged up, never had a problem as a result of this method. David

  Halmer 17:50 15 Aug 2008

What's the difference between the reds and greens and do you delete all of them?

  David4637 15:28 16 Aug 2008

Folk on this site have always recommended RegSeeker and have always said they delete everything thats flagged up, which I have done over the years. I have ACRONIS ready if there is a prob, which there has NEVER been. Thanks David

  alexartox 11:36 28 Apr 2009

Beside the paid registry cleaners, you may want to try free registry cleaners, here are a list of free registry cleaner : click here

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