Refreshing my PC

  AlexH25 12:14 12 Apr 2004

After several years of use, my PC has become clogged up with various junk, random programs and downloads. I would like to give my PC a proper clean up and get it back to basics. I have read various articles about 'cleaning' your PC but none of them have really given me step by step instructions. Is there an easy, safe way to get PC's working as well as the day they were first switched on? Any help would be much appreciated!

Windows XP

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:32 12 Apr 2004

Reformat is the best way. You can delete all the temp files and do a reg clean but format C: wins hands down as it will restore your PC to day one. You will need your original disk if there is no restore option. Post here for an easy step-by-step guide if you want to go this way


  justin37 12:47 12 Apr 2004

Hope you don't mind if i jump on the band wagon, I have similar probs but no original disk(Me) but have an upgrade disk(xp)would i be able to reformat with just these ?


  AlexH25 20:42 13 Apr 2004

I also upgraded from Windows ME...but I no longer have the upgrade discs. I guess that has severly limited my options?!
If I got hold of a new set of XP discs could I reset the PC and use the new discs?
Otherwise, how else can I get my PC running smoother again?

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