Refresh rate on Acer 5021Wlmi

  Mutant_Llama 10:31 17 Aug 2005

Bit of advice on this unusual problem....

Just bought an Acer 5021wlmi (awesome) and set the resolution to 1024*[email protected] but noticed that because it is widescreen the text is quite 'blurry' (even with cleartype fonts set).

I then set it to 1280*800 but found that I can only get a refresh rate of 60htz, and this rate gives me terrible eye strain (totally unusable).

I then upped it to 1600*1200 and found that I could set from 60htz to 100htz, though it does not give me a high refresh rate on a lower screen resolution....

Any ideas? I have downloaded REFORCE to force higher refresh rates to resolutions but this does not seem to be working, Windows 60htz seems to be overriding the properties for desktop apps.

  ACOLYTE 10:53 17 Aug 2005

Refresh rates are dependent on the monitor and graffix card you are using trying to force a refresh rate the machine cant handle could damage the setup,but i think there is an option
to change the refresh rates in directx,type dxdiag in the run box then goto more help and alter the refresh rate there but dont force it to go higher than the machine will take.

  Mutant_Llama 11:05 17 Aug 2005

I know for sure that the laptop can handle it as I have set higher resolutions that this in Windows already but 1280*800 (for me the perfect resolution rate) gives just 60htz, whereas everything else give 60-100htz (I tried 1600*[email protected] and this was fine).

Does the above DXDIAG fix only work for 3D apps, not desktop and 2D apps?

  ACOLYTE 11:07 17 Aug 2005

Im not sure on that it may be a global effect for all things im not sure.

  gudgulf 11:33 17 Aug 2005

I've just looked through the list of resolutions supported by my crt monitor and don't see 1280x800 listed.......I have 1280x720, 1280x768 and 1280x960 (Radeom x800xt graphics card)as the nearest to your settings.It's possible that your prefered setting is a non standard one which is limiting your refresh rate options.

One thing you could try is installing a set of Omega drivers which are compatible with laptop/mobility graphics and have a refresh rate tool included.These might give you a wider choice of resolutions/refresh rates than the standard laptop drivers click here .

  DieSse 12:01 17 Aug 2005

ALL LCD/TFT screens have a recommended refresh rate of 60Hz - some will accept higher rates, but there's no point, as the response time/ pixel decay time is too slow for it to make any difference.

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