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Reformatting a Windows 10 PC

  Legslip 22:53 01 Feb 2018

I have a PC with a 120gb SSD and a 500gb SATA drive. Over time the SSD has become clogged and slow. How can I reinstall Win 10 only on the SSD and set the default location for all programmes and files to the SATA? I just want Win 10 only on the SSD.

  wee eddie 14:11 02 Feb 2018

a 125GB SSD (it definitely should be the 'C' Drive) would be sufficient for Windows, an Anti Virus, Office Software and a reasonable selection of other programs, unless you are filling it with a multitude of games.

All your other Documents, Folders and Files can be on other Hard Drives. From what I have gathered, there is not a huge difference, it's almost unnoticeable, in the loading speed of a photo whether it be from an SSD or a normal Hard Drive.

My choice of setup was a 250GB SSD and a 1TB Hard Drive running at 7200rpm but I have since discovered that the extra speed, over a 5800rpm Hard Drive, gives only a marginal improvement in response time

  Legslip 18:33 02 Feb 2018

Thanks for some excellent feedback. It's interesting to read many different concepts. One thing missing from the replies and was part of my first question is ' if I reinstall Win 10, how do I set the default location for anything saved to my SATA HD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:11 02 Feb 2018

The default location is Downloads and if you have moved the Users folders as suggested to the HDD the downloads will automatically go there.

  beeuuem~2 21:48 02 Feb 2018

Although My Documents and other data folders can be moved it is not recommended to move the complete User folder click here

Although the default is the download folder in the User profile, the location for downloads is a matter of choice. It is a variable option in your browser.

In Internet Explorer go to Tools > View Downloads > Options (at the bottom left) and browse to the location you want. You can create a Download folder on your HDD and use that as the default if you wish.

A personal preference is to download to the desktop - so I know where to find it - and then move the download to a relevant folder i.e. downloaded programs, videos, music...

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