reformatting and reinstalling xp, help!

  jeepers 17:02 06 Oct 2003

i am thinking of reformatting my hdd.
no bb/adsl in my area so i was wondering
is there anyway of baking up xp/norton updates so i dont have to dl them all again

hints for a reformat would be useful aswell

  JIM 17:07 06 Oct 2003

Before considering the format,(unless your in big trouble,have you considered the Repair/upgrade install leaving your programs intact.(bar service pack and some updates)?

  jeepers 17:18 06 Oct 2003

no i havent condsidered a repair, but reall i just want a good clean out of my hdd

  acemark 17:18 06 Oct 2003

Or, maybe, do the "system restore" thing via "start,all programs,Accessories,system tools,system restore"

  AndySD 17:21 06 Oct 2003

If you dont have Service Pack one you can order it free from microsoft. There is sopposed to be a new cd patch soon (but no one seems to knoe when yet) click here and if you go to the Norton site click here you can download one file containing all the updates. Intelligent Updater its not very large.

  AndySD 17:24 06 Oct 2003

click here clean reinstall windows xp

  smegs 17:29 06 Oct 2003

click here on that site about half way down. Make sure U have all Ur drivers, & make sure U have them wrote down. Go into Control Panel-System-Device Manager. In there is where Ur driver names R. Write them down. That way U will know which drivers to put back on.

  JIM 19:40 06 Oct 2003

"i am thinking of reformatting my hdd" May help.

First check that the first boot device in your system BIOS is set to the CD-ROM Drive.

If you are unsure or don't want to enter the BIOS then just test the computer by putting the CD-ROM in the drive and reboot your computer. This is the recommended way to install windows.

1/ insert your Windows XP Home CD and reboot you computer. A message "Press any key to boot from CD....." will appear, press the space bar to continue.

2/Setup will now inspect your computer hardware and configuration.

3/Setup now prepares your computer for install.

4/From menu press "ENTER" to begin the install.

5/Windows XP License agreement, read, and if you agree press "F8" to continue, press "ESC" if you disagree. If you disagree setup will finish.

6/The next step is to delete the partition, press "D" to delete the selected partition.

7/Now press "ENTER" if you are sure you want the partition deleted.

8/Now is your final chance, press "L" to confirm deletion.

9/Now you have to select where to install XP. Press "ENTER" to confirm the partition you want to install into.

10/ Now you need to format the hard drive, NTFS is recommended, but you can also use FAT32. Make your decision using the arrow keys and press enter.

11/ The hard drive will now format and then setup will begin to copy files.

12/ Setup now initializes the Windows XP configuration.

13/It is now time to restart Windows XP, press "ENTER" to speed up process, otherwise Windows will do it itself in 15 seconds.

14/ Boot will recognize that the XP CD is in the drive, DO NOT press any keys, let setup bypass the CD boot.

15/Windows will now booting,The install process continues.

14/Now your regional and language options. Your mouse should now be active, so click on "CUSTOMIZE".

15/Now select your Standards and Formats, plus your location, then click "OK".

16/Now click on "DETAILS", then Next select your default language, click "OK" when done.

17/Now that you have made all necessary changes click on "NEXT".

18/Now it is time to personalize Windows. File in your name and if you wish you can also file in the Organization section. Click "NEXT" when ready.

19/Now it is time for your product key. The product key will be on the packaging that XP was supplied with. It is 25 digits long. Some OEM computers will have a sticker on the side or back with your product key. Input the key and press "NEXT".

20/Now select your computer name and your admin password. Confirm the Admin password and press "NEXT".

21/Date and Time settings are next, change as need be, then press "NEXT". Windows will then continue installing.

22/If a network card has been detected then you will get the following menu. Select "TYPICAL SETTINGS" and press next. This configured later in Windows.

23/More network configuration, change workgroup name if need be and click "NEXT". Windows will continue installing.

24/Windows install will now finalize.

25/It is now time to restart Windows XP again, press "ENTER" to speed up process, otherwise Windows will do it itself in 15 seconds.

26/Boot will recognize that the XP CD is in the drive, DO NOT press any keys, let setup bypass the CD boot.------Windows will continue loading.

27/Windows will now adjust your resolution, click "OK" to continue.If you are happy with the changes, click "OK" otherwise press "Cancel" to return to the old settings

28/Windows will now apply changes. Be patient.

Windows "WELCOME" screen, and finally the Windows XP Desktop. Windows is now installed.

29/ If you are lucky you will have no drivers to install, but chances are the next step will be to install them. Check out device manager for unknown devices, likely items are Network Cards, Sound Cards, Printers, Scanners, Graphics Cards, Digital Cameras, plus any other item you have.

Print this off.

  JIM 20:29 06 Oct 2003

Sorry missed your post on clean reinstall windows xp. Age and blindness setting in :)

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