Reformatting Laptop with floppy?

  rabbitrabbit 09:54 06 Sep 2005

my friend gave me his laptop as he wanted me to reinstall XP and wipe everything. which was no problem for me. but now i realise he has no CD drive. just a floppy.

how do i go about wiping the laptop and installing xp?

  mattyc_92 09:56 06 Sep 2005

You will need an external CD-ROM drive.

A laptop without a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive(s) makes me think that the laptop wont handle WinXP

  rabbitrabbit 10:02 06 Sep 2005

well it already has XP on it. i'm not sure why it doesn't have a cd drive. the lady who owns is it is a teacher and obviously only uses it for little things. now she wants it formatting and passing on to somebody else

  rabbitrabbit 10:03 06 Sep 2005

i can probably get hold of an extrnal cd drive then. thanks anyway.

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