Reformatting hard drive/reinstalling xp home

  heidelberg 14:14 19 Apr 2004

I am aiming to reformat the hard drive on my pc, and reinsatll xp home along with SP 1. A couple of questions.

I have updated xp home regularly - will I have to download these updates again, or can I transfer the updates from present xp setup to the new setup by burning onto a CD?

Likewise with software such as Norton AV and Firewall, I have the 2003 versions of both, and I regularly update them. Can I transfer updates that I have downloaded since I bought these items of software or will I have to download them again?

Any advice, tips, suggestions etc. would be greatly welcomed, as would any advice/help/suggestions concerning any aspects of reformatting and reinstalling in general.

Thanks in anticipation


  inneedofhelp 14:53 19 Apr 2004

The windows updates should be kept in a temp folder in the windows directory, but sometimes they are removed after installation.If they arent, then copy then downloaded package to disc and re-use, otherwise you will have to download again. As with the virus checker, im not sure.

  UncleAl 15:27 19 Apr 2004

Wherever you get the updates, install them and/or an uptodate antivirus file as soon as humanly possible, certainly before you access any site other than Microsoft. I reformatted & reinstalled XP home a few months ago, and got repeated infestations of (I think) Blaster which kept causing the PC to reboot. Re-infection was occurring within minutes. This kept me amused for two days before I twigged what was happening.

  jim1947 16:40 19 Apr 2004

You may consider visiting click here and following the guide to creating a slipstreamed XP SP1 installation disk. Its well worth the effort.

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