Reformatting hard disk

  Gothdj 22:34 31 Mar 2003

I have been reading on this forum about reformatting hard disk every once in a while.

Please can anyone advise exactly what the benefits are, and how often this is recommended, and how to go about this?

I am Win 98 SE, 128Mb, 20gb hard disk, P3.


  Cam-330894 22:39 31 Mar 2003

Generally the word seems to be "if it aint broke..".
I only format after a lot of installs and uninstalls or if there are error messages that slow me down. I wouldnt do it just for the fun as it takes the best part of a day to backup and reinstall.
Last words dont do it unless it is absolutely necessaty

  daba 22:45 31 Mar 2003

only do it if all else fails.

there are some excellent tools to repair windows, FATs etc. Norton Utilities being one.

my history:-

pc bought from from work as surplus was P2-100MHz with Windows 3.11

since then upgraded W95, then hard drive, then CD-ROM, then motherboard with P3 400MHz, in new case, then W98SE, then hd again, then CD-RW.

still not been re-formatted, and all is working tickety boo !

  Bapou 23:15 31 Mar 2003

Quote by author Dan Gookin in 'PCs for Dummies' (page 383) -

" You never need to to reinstall Windows. All problems are fixable.
In all my years of using a computer, I've never reinstalled Windows or had to reformat the hard drive. Everything is fixable. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of horse poop."

  daba 23:23 31 Mar 2003

Yes but probably he's only been using a computer for a year - lol.

That's why he wrote the book I suppose

Only 'avin a larf Dan

  woodchip 23:26 31 Mar 2003

Do you manage to get all the sticky sweet papers out of your car. If it's done as it should be after a format you need something to make a full backup of the drive. Then when you come to want a clean drive, just reinstall the Image backup. It will take just five minutes to reinstall a full working system as and when you made the Image

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