reformatting after SP2 and changing to Broadband..

  Brumas 18:16 14 Jan 2005

In the past, whenever the need arose, I ‘reformatted’ my computer using the supplied System Restore Disks and the more times I went through this process the easier/more straightforward it became. I neither possess the expertise nor harbour any aspiration to reformat my hard-drive without this ‘safety-net’!
Consequently I evolved a system whereby I followed a logical step-by-step sequence of adding programs/utilities etc. and installing scanner and printer, and customising appearance, deleting Messenger etc. etc. which served me well.

I have not done this since adding SP2 and converting to Broadband and so I am a little apprehensive because now I will have to install the Broadband modem & software as well and I am not sure where in my sequence I need to do these things. Also in the past, I obviously had to set up a new Dial-up connection ,which I did but now, whilst my email particulars haven’t changed ( I changed from BT Anytime to BT Broadband ) other details seem to have, unless I am confusing things which is more than likely.

Before, my email address was - [email protected] – and still is. However I have noticed in other dialogue boxes the email address is - [email protected] -. What I need to know is, when I use the Connection Wizard to set up my connection, which of the two broadband options do I tick on the Internet Connection page and where/how does my ‘new’ email address figure in all this? Or do I use the Bt Broadband supplied software and trust that sorts everything out?

If someone could give me an easy step-by-step talk through highlighting any problems, seen or unseen, before I grasp the nettle so to speak I would appreciate it.

I run windows XP home on a 3 year old mid-range computer. I also run the usual adaware, spybot, a-squared, spywareblaster plus an Internet Security Suite.


  Gongoozler 20:01 14 Jan 2005

Hi Brumas. I can help on some, but not all your questions. I have just fitted a new hard drive and was very impressed at how easily installing Windows XP was. The sequence I used was this.

1. Format the drive and install XP.

2. Install SP2.

3. Install motherboard drivers.

4. Install Modem

5. Install Mozilla Firefox (I am now in a position to download any files I need)

6. Install antivirus and firewall (these can now update themselves through the internet connection I have established).

7. Install all other software.

  Brumas 20:41 14 Jan 2005

I'm halfway there already, just hoping for the rest of the solution!

  Gongoozler 21:08 14 Jan 2005

Hi Brumas. If your setup is anything like my Tiscali setup, when you've installed your BT Broadband, everything will be done for you except your account username, password and email addresses. If you're in doubt on any of this, the BT Broadband web site should be able to help you.

  Brumas 15:08 15 Jan 2005

I think I will be reformatting in the near future,I just hope the question of the two differing emails does'nt prompt me to make a mistake. I suppose if I can get online again and send & receive emails I will have made the right choices. Thanks again Gongoozler.


  FelixTCat 15:18 15 Jan 2005


I suspect that the [email protected] was the email address for your dialup connection and that you have been given another address, [email protected] for your new broadband connection. You'll probably find that both will be valid for a long time, but you should probably use the latter when working with your new broadband setup. Be careful that BT don't continue to charge you for your dialup internet connection (unless you want to pay for both!)

  FelixTCat 15:21 15 Jan 2005


Another tip. If you can get hold of disk-imaging software, you can make your own recovery disk once you have done your basic installation (XP SP2, drivers etc). Then, the next time that you want to reformat your disk and start again, you can save a lot of time and revert to that setup rather than starting from scratch.

  Brumas 20:43 15 Jan 2005

I seem to get the overall picture now.


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