Ade_1 18:01 12 Mar 2006

Hi, i have an old computer which needs the hard drive wiping before i get rid of it. It was origionally Win95 and then i upgraded to Win98. I have the upgrade CD and the boot up disk for win 95 (floopy) but i dont think its in "full working order"

How do i go about reformatting it? After i have reformatted it i may have to reinstall windows. Any help would be great thanks.

  woodchip 18:10 12 Mar 2006

Download Setup disc from hear tenth file from top. click here Put a clean floppy in computer and double click the downloaded file to create the boot disc. Start with the disc and leave until you get A:\> then type

FORMAT C: press enter

  Diodorus Siculus 18:10 12 Mar 2006

Get a bootable floppy from click here if you need one.

Boot the PC with it.

at the A:\ prompt, type

format c:
that will format the hard disk

Reboot the PC with the disk

try to install win98 by typing




(whatever the CD drive is)
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click here

  Ade_1 18:33 12 Mar 2006

so do i get the win 95 boot or win 98?

and whne i put that in and reformatt will it automatically reinstall windwos or not?

  woodchip 18:36 12 Mar 2006

As above tenth file from top

  Ade_1 18:42 12 Mar 2006

sorry, should read more carefully

  Ade_1 18:43 12 Mar 2006

wont i need a serial number for that? or does it come with one?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:37 12 Mar 2006

You will need the windows serial number from the windows install CD; do you have it?

  Ade_1 19:51 12 Mar 2006

well i have a serial mnumber for the win 98 upgrade cd

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