Reformating Windows 98 SE

  Dekka123 13:12 24 Jul 2003

Could someone please present me with an idiot sheet of how to format my hard drive and start again. I am running windows 98 se and at the moment it wont boot up only to scan disk which stops after about 7% giving me the following message
Scandisc encountered a data errorwhile reading the fat on drive c
This error prevents scandisc from fixing this error. If I cancel scan disc it still does not boot to windows. I have tried running scandisc from dos but iI get the same result.

  xania 13:23 24 Jul 2003

I assume you are able to boot from floppy in order to get to the stage where you run scandisk. Instead, type

format c:

I suggest that you then run scandisk agian from the DOS prompt to make sure that this has repaired the FAT problem. If not, you will need to run FDISK to delete all partitions and then create them afresh - you will then be prompted to re-format c:\. Test the FAT again with Scandisk, to make sure you don't have a hardware prblem.

Assuming that you have installed your CD driver from the floppy, you should now be able to re-install windows without further ado.

  pj123 13:43 24 Jul 2003

When did your PC last run properly? If it was less than 5 times ago try this.

Switch on and keep hitting F8 until you get a menu. Choose: Safe Mode Command Prompt Only and press Enter. When you get to the C:\ prompt type in scanreg /restore and press Enter. You will now get a list of the last 5 backed-up Registries. Choose one of the entries before the problem ocurred, press Enter and follow the prompts. If that doesn't work the last resort is to reformat your hard disk and re-install windows. You would need to have a start floppy disk and also to make sure your BIOS is set to start from floppy disk first. If you don't have a start disk email me and I will send you one.

  Dekka123 14:26 24 Jul 2003

Thanks Xania could you please tell me do I have to have the windows cd or the floppy start up disk in the drives when I type format C and could you please tell me how I run FDisc. Thanks for your offer of start up disk DJ123 I have taken you up on your offer.

  pj123 14:52 24 Jul 2003

Have received your email. But before I send it to you can you tell me how you are able to log in to this forum if your computer isn't working. Are you using another computer. There is a reason for asking this question.

  woodchip 15:04 24 Jul 2003

Try this first before you format, make a startup disc in Control Panel/Add Remove. Start the computer with the disc leave until it gets to A:\> then Type FDISK/MBR and press enter key restart and see if it's cured the problem

  Dekka123 15:11 24 Jul 2003

I am sorry pj123 I am using another computer

  xania 15:35 24 Jul 2003

You will need a bootable floppy - don't bother with CD at this stage. To run FDISK, type FDISK at the C:\ prompt.

  Sparks 15:41 24 Jul 2003

If you have to reformat you may find this helpful I did click here

  Bruce_Lee 15:47 24 Jul 2003

If you have another computer you can create a windows startup disk yourself (providing you are running the same OS).

It is a while since I did it, but heres how to create a startup disk:

Insert a disk in your computer and open windows explorer.
Right click on the floppy drive and select the 'Format' option.
There should be a check box near the bottom that says 'Create an MS-DOS startup disk' (although I cannot remember the exact wording).
Click ok and windows will create a startup disk.

If you have a backup of the information on your hard drive I would recommend reformatting and reinstalling Win 98SE.


  Bruce_Lee 15:50 24 Jul 2003

By the way Woodchip what does the /MBR command do when run with FDISK?

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