[DELETED] 18:47 16 May 2005

hi folks. my machine has slowed to a crawl and am thinking of reformating my hard drive but how do you start, I have my recovery disc and all the CDs that came with pc but not sure how to start the process, any idea's.

  woodchip 19:14 16 May 2005

You do not need to Format with a Recovery disc as it should put it all back as when you first bought the computer. If it's a CD try starting comp with CD in. but save all your docs files photos Mail before you do

  [DELETED] 19:37 16 May 2005

thanks wood chip I will follow the instructions on the recovery disc, let you know how I go. if I ever get back on???

  [DELETED] 19:39 16 May 2005

Hi Tricia. Reformatting a disk will not of itself fix the cause of your PC running slowly. Reformatting a disk reinitiallises the magnetic structure of the disk, which really has nothing to do with how the disk performs. If, for example, the cause is due to some program that is misbehaving then obviously if you reformat the disk it will remove the cause. But that is akin to replacing your car's engine because it lacks power - rather drastic when the cause may be something much simpler.

If you provide details of your system (Make, Model, OS ...etc) then I will try to guide you through diagnosing the actual cause rather than doing what you propose.

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