reformat start over

  vinnyo123 22:45 06 Mar 2004

problems starting over or fresh start.I am on my second hard drive trying to load win 2k on hdd.Tried on new hdd no good comes up with error loading os.I formated to nfts on one partition of 78 gig and had another one at to gig .ai loaded os to 78 gig side and no go .Do I have to load it to 2gig side for boot files .Lost here missing something.

  temp003 07:13 07 Mar 2004

You have been really unlucky, haven't you?

Does this error appear after the text setup portion of Windows 2000 Server setup (i.e. after copying files to hdd and computer is supposed to be restarting from hdd), or does it appear after the graphical interface portion of installation (by which time it is supposed to restart into W2k server proper)?

If you haven't removed 1st hdd, do so.

Check in BIOS that it's showing the correct capacity. If not, see if in BIOS there's an option to enable LBA mode or Block mode. If so, enable it.

Check if there's a BIOS upgrade for your motherboard (go to motheboard website). If it's OEM computer, check the OEM computer website.

  vinnyo123 13:48 10 Mar 2004

got it to work through fdisk needed right comand to format.

but bios is another problem cannot see full hard drive got a 80 g and only sees 14 to look into that now but the good thing is it is a slave drive not the sytem

thanks for your patience

  temp003 15:07 10 Mar 2004

Some older versions of fdisk only see up to 64GB, I think, and it shows the capacity as 80gb-64gb.

There is a microsoft download/patch for a new fdisk. Search for it.

  temp003 16:21 10 Mar 2004

I don't know if it is really a BIOS limitation or just fdisk. If fdisk, click here

  temp003 16:21 10 Mar 2004

I don't know if it is really a BIOS limitation or just fdisk. If fdisk, click here

  vinnyo123 16:43 10 Mar 2004

I tried with program that disk came with won't see full drive either.Maxtor.

  temp003 16:59 10 Mar 2004

If it is a BIOS limitation and there's no BIOS upgrade which overcomes that, your options are (1) use Maxtor's drive overlay software MaxBlast3 I think, downloadable from website; or (2) buy an ATA-100 or later PCI IDE adapter.

Drive ovelay is not recommended and is a last resort. If you do use it, keep a good backup of the data on that hdd, keep a copy of the Maxtor software (especially the bootable CD or floppies) - as a reinstallation of the OS (even a repair installation) may cause the loss of the drive overlay, and you may have to reinstall the Maxtor software.

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