Reformat an old laptop with 98

  andy625 16:45 03 Mar 2005

I have an old 233 laptop, that I'd like to reformat with windows 98. Is there an easy (ie put x floppy in the drive, 98 cd in the cd slot, reboot and follow the instructions)way of doing it? I'm not too clued up on dos commands etc. A friend gave me an "ultimate boot disk" which I think may do something like it, but I havent played around with it.



  ventanas 16:57 03 Mar 2005

Memory's a bit dim now, but is Win98 installed at the moment. If so just choose to restart in dos and type format c:

If not boot with the floppy and when you get to the A:> prompt again type format c:

As I recall Win98 creates a temporary ram drive which pushes the CD drive down one letter until the install is complete. So if the CD drive is D insert the CD and type E:\setup.

If I've forgotten anything no doubt someone will say so.

  JonnyTub 17:06 03 Mar 2005

as per ventenas, except you should only have to type setup or setup.exe on it's own with the drive letter preceding it.

  JonnyTub 17:06 03 Mar 2005

sorry that's without the drive letter preceeding it.

  andy625 17:15 03 Mar 2005

Thanks guys.

One other thing I mean't to ask: Is there a way of saving all the windows updates that I've downloaded? I understand that 98 is not supported by miscosoft for updates anymore is this correct?

  Belatucadrus 17:45 03 Mar 2005

"ultimate boot disk" really makes it very easy.

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