Since reformat my laptops got slower!! Please help

  fernando999 18:52 29 Jan 2010

Hi guys,

I really really hope you can help me. I recently reformated my Acer Aspire 3630 (windows xp), and it seemed to go well. I reinstalled all necessarly drivers, and reinstalled the software i regularly use.

However, ever since the reformat my laptop seems to have slowed down! Although it starts up much faster, it seems as though opening software/internet explorer etc takes far longer than before.

I've noticed that at times, my CPU usage (according to the performance tab on task manager) is at 100%. I also get windows pop up telling me my virtual memory is too low. This never used to happen!

Anyone got any ideas how to speed it up? I realise buying RAM may help, but considering the fact that my hardrive is virtually empty, and these problems only started after the reformat Im not sure this is what I need. What do you guys think?

Also, I'm not sure how relevant it is, but before the reformat I had two partitioned hardrives, but when I reformated I combined them into one hardrive. Could this have something to do with it?

I'd be grateful for your help,


  User-1229748 18:59 29 Jan 2010

firstly i would set your virtual memory click here

  GaT7 19:00 29 Jan 2010

What's the size of your hard disk & how much free space does it have?

What's the size of your virtual memory at present? Have you tried increasing it?

Are there any conflicts in Device Manager? G

  fernando999 20:06 29 Jan 2010

smackheadz - thanks for that link, Iv just applied the changes and I'll let you know if it makes any difference.

Crossbow7 - my hard disk has a capacity of 74.5 GB, of which 14.5 GB is currently being used.

My virtual memory was set to 1300 - 2500, but after reading smackheadz link I've changed it to 672 - 1344 (my RAM is 448 MB). This seems like a big difference, do you reckon this could be it?

As for conflicts in my device manager - the following seem to not have any drivers installed.

advanced programable interrupt controller

direct memory access memory

motherboard resources

numeric data processor

programmable interrupt controller

Any ideas where I can get hold of them?


  birdface 20:13 29 Jan 2010

probably could do with more memory.
It could be your security programs running scans at start up.Maybe stop them running at start up and run them when you want to run them.
Under CPU if nothing running system idle process should be showing about 95% this is normal anything else using a lot of the CPU up let us know what. or Google for it.

  canarieslover 20:15 29 Jan 2010

Try here. click here

  GaT7 20:17 29 Jan 2010

Did you try all the drivers available at Acer for your laptop? click here to have a look.

If no joy, try using Windows Update click here to install these - choose the 'Custom' scan. If it has anything to offer, they may show up under 'Hardware, Optional'. If you've not used Win update as yet, then do this first till you've exhausted all the critical ones (at least). Make sure to reboot whenever it asks you to, & re-visit till all are complete.

Usually setting a fixed virtual memory size does a better job, as it doesn't have to keep changing size. But too much tweaking is also not good. Leave as it is, or enter 1344 for both fields. Everybody seems to have their own theory about what's best regarding this!

Anyway, try to get rid of all the Device Manager problems & it should be a lot better. G

  fernando999 21:04 29 Jan 2010

Thanks for the help guys

The drivers Im missing arn't on the acer site, but thankfully I backed them all up before reformating.

This may sound like a silly question but how do I now reinstall the drivers Im missing?

I've tried to do it via "update driver", install from specific location, "i will choose the driver to install" route, and although it appears to install, once completed it still claims there are no drivers installed.

  GaT7 21:19 29 Jan 2010

If they don't install then it's quite possible they aren't the correct drivers.

How did you backup the drivers btw?

Did the laptop come with an OS Restore Disc? G

  fernando999 21:34 29 Jan 2010

I used driver magician to back up the drivers.

Its strange, they seem to install but yet when I re-check them the same "no driver installed" message appears

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