Reformat HDD, install SP2 and now no sound! driver

  Major Disaster 11:11 12 Nov 2005


I have recently reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP home edition to solve a previous problem. However after around the time of installing SP2 (maybe) i lost all sound, though when the pc booted for the first time after the reinstall there was sound!

Look in device manager my sound devices seem fine but under "other device" "multimedia audio controller" and "universal serial bus (USB) controller" both have exclamation marks.

Also in system information they are listed as problem devices and i can give a PNP device ID if that helps.

I think all i need to do is update the drivers (as it says in System Information "the drivers for this device are not installed" for both) but i do not know the make of them and dont know where to go! I had a look on the Dell site but no luck.

PC is 3 year old Dell Dimension 4500.

Any help is greatly appreciated

  ACOLYTE 11:19 12 Nov 2005

Do you have the motherboard cd,most likly the drivers for them are on there.If you dont have the cd and you know the chipset type you could most probably download them in one package.

  keewaa 11:40 12 Nov 2005

I just did the same on a 2 year old 2400 with the same result, but a drivers & utilites disc that came with it allowed me to install all the drivers. Do you have the disc?

  keewaa 11:42 12 Nov 2005

Here they are : click here

  keewaa 11:46 12 Nov 2005

or if you have a service tag number (sticker on the PC ) you could try putting it in here to identify exactly which ones to use :

click here

  Major Disaster 11:50 12 Nov 2005

Thanks for the great response!

ACOLYTE - i couldnt find the motherboard CD, everytihnk but!

keewaa - Thanks! I found that CD and installed both drivers! Now they appear fine in Device Manager and System Information, THANKS!!

However, now when i boot up and shut down i dont get the windows xp sounds in the background. Ive found the files in C:\Media and they will play in media player.

Any ideas?!

  ACOLYTE 12:17 12 Nov 2005

You may need to add the sounds in controll panel/sound speech and audio devices,click change the sound scheme scroll down the list to find "windows start" and "windows exit"highlight them and choose the sound,you can browse to any filder that has sounds,the default is media.

  keewaa 12:25 12 Nov 2005

Have you installed all the drivers : audio, chipset, video, USB.

Even after I had, it did exactly what you describe on mine ... I decided to load everything else and sort this out last but somewhere along the way it fixed itself ... once I had update windows completely and set up another user account .... somewhere along the way it fixed itself.

  keewaa 12:29 12 Nov 2005

Also check the "Custom" button on manual windows update as I updated to windows media player 10 & maybe some other optional hardware updates.

  Major Disaster 13:57 12 Nov 2005

WOW keewa and ACOLYTE, thanks a lot for the great response. Sorry about my slow replies, i really do appreciate it!

ACOLYTE - I changed the sound scheme from blank to windows defualt, and they seem to be located in the right place.

keewaa - i have installed audio and USB. Just about to do video but i dont know how to do chipset. I have installed media player 10 and checked in custom updates.

Also, in control panel, sound and audio devices, it says there is no audio device! i think this could be kinda important!

Any ideas?!

Thanks again so much!

  keewaa 14:01 12 Nov 2005

on my disc it loaded an interface ... i went to drivers .... did one at a time ... it gave me an unzip option and then an install option ... so I did it all directly from the CD.

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