reformat hard drive, will it mess up my website?

  Superstylin 16:24 28 Sep 2006

hi, i've recently started my first website but have begun to have problems with my comp and want to reformat the hard drive. i'm worried though, that backing up my website files and then having to reinstall dreamweaver that something will go wrong and i have to start over.
i'm more worried about this since i tried to transfer dreamweaver and web files to another pc and it went doolally meaning i had to start from scratch.

anyone had any dealings with the situation?

  Superstylin 16:25 28 Sep 2006

neglected to mention, the website isn't published yet. it's all on file

  ade.h 16:54 28 Sep 2006

Hmmm, good question. I would not anticipate any issues with that, as I still have NOF project files that are backed up and they have at various times been copied, reinstalled, etc. on two PCs. Just dropping their folders into the Sites folder and then browsing for them from NOF's file menu was enough to get them on the Sites list and they worked fine. However, your bad experience with installing DW elsewhere does ring what sound like warning bells. As an extra backup, publish all your projects to a server - in sub-folders for example - then they can always be imported if the original project files get messed up. I am assuming that until you publish locally or remotely, you have just a proprietary file, is that right?

  Forum Editor 19:15 28 Sep 2006

to the server before you do anything else. If it's not ready for public viewing just rename the file (index_old.htm) temporarily.

Then your work will be safe - at least if you're with a decent host it will, as all server files will be routinely backed up.

Then go ahead and reformat your drive, install yur software and import your site. If you want to be really sure, back up the site files from your hard drive to a CD, and make sure everything's there before you do the reformat.

  fitshase 22:27 28 Sep 2006

Also try the export feature of Dreamweaver. Export your site and then after the re-install, just import using Dreamweaver's import facility.

I've also just copied the whole website folder to another computer to work on and everything was fine.


  Superstylin 19:30 29 Sep 2006

cheers guys i'll give it a go and let you know how i get on

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