Reformat Hard Drive

  Harry 11:56 27 Jun 2007

A friend just gave me his pc and I wish to reformat the hard drive and reinstall WinXP.
Unfortunately, the system boots from CD as it should and takes to the options where I am asked to chose what I want to do.

Unfortunately I am finding that if I delay in chosing anything within perhaps a second or two then everything freezes and there is no option but to reboot by switching of from main switch. I have done this several times and found that I have to know in advance what to press as soon as a new page appears. I have reformatted drives many times before but never experienced this before.

I would like to point out that I have a USB mouse, Card reader (under the floppy, possibly usb type thing), a TV card. I am mentioning this because I have never had these type of hardware before in any of my pc's.

Can someone shed any light. Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:37 27 Jun 2007

Unplug Everything from the USB ports and retry.

  Harry 10:43 28 Jun 2007

I unpluuged the unnecessary stuff but still same problem. Eventually I booted off a win98 start up disc and deleted partition and formatted to fat32. Then booted xp but same problem. This time there were fewer hoops to go through to install the win xp so ended up installing on fat32 format. I wanted ntfs. I wonder if it will make any difference.

  ventanas 11:18 28 Jun 2007

Just open a command prompt and type:

convert C: /fs:ntfs

and hit return.

You will probably be told that the drive is in use and do you want to convert at the next boot up. Say yes and restart.

You will then have a ntfs file system.

This assumes that your drive letter is C.

  Harry 11:35 28 Jun 2007

Thanks. I'll give that a try this evening. It will save me a lot of hassle.

  ventanas 12:40 28 Jun 2007

You may be asked for the volume label, this is what your hard drive is called eg local disk. It's a bit heart in mouth while the conversion takes place, but I've done it a few times without any problem.

  Harry 16:50 29 Jun 2007

Thanks. It worked a treat.

  Harry 08:20 05 Aug 2007

It turned out that one of the latches on the processor fan was not fastened properly. The temperature of the processor was showing to be about 70c in the bios. When I fastened the latch the temp went down to about 40c and now it doesnt freeze.

I still find it strange that it never crashed when I was using the pc generally but froze when I was trying to install the win xp and when I tried to run memtest3 software to test the memory (from boot).

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