reformat hard drive

  Runnerduck 10:37 12 Jan 2005

How do you reformat your hard drive?

  jerichobob 10:41 12 Jan 2005

Is it your main/only drive?
What operating system are you on?
Is it absolutely necessary that you do this?
Do you have all of the programs on disk for reloading?

  Runnerduck 10:46 12 Jan 2005

I have WindowsME. Reformatting was in relation to dumping AOL. SOmeone said you would need to reformat your hard drive. No I don't have all the discs.

  wobblymike 10:51 12 Jan 2005

Reformatting is a pretty drastic thing to do unless it is necessary - if its just because you have dumped AOL you most certainly do not need to reformat. Simply uninstall AOL, delete the network connection and reinstall your new ISP via their disc. Good idea to clean up your hard drive try the Disc clean utility within the accesories programmes. Post back if you need chapter and verse.

  ACOLYTE 10:54 12 Jan 2005

Having never used AOL i cnt say if or not you need to reformat to remove it,but it does seem a tad harsh to me,is there no uninstall program for it in add/remove?.
If you need to format your best bet would be to boot from a windows bootable floppy in to dos mode and type format c: at the A: prompt.
But i think there may be other ways to remove AOL
others will know if there is.

  jerichobob 11:06 12 Jan 2005

Try Add/Remove software first. I've used this on a number of occasions to get rid of 'Intrusive' stuff and it's always worked for me. If you haven't got all of your installation disks you're going to lose stuff if you reformat. What about buying a second HDD and installing your operating system on this and setting your old one as a slave. This way you are getting rid of AOL and increasing your storage. HDD's can be picked up for a lot less than people think nowadays.

  Runnerduck 15:10 12 Jan 2005

Jerichobob Thanks for the info. I wouldn't know how to install my operating system on an HDD. I am a novice on computers and don't know what goes on inside the casing. Is it very complicated?

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