Mankster 20:56 21 Apr 2003

A neighbour of mine purchased a refill kit for his Hp printer he had successfully refilled his color ink cartridges once but upon his second attempt he made the mistake of putting the wrong color in the wrong chamber,when he realised his mistake he had already inserted the ink cartridge in his printer which tried to re-align
of course this was unsuccessful,he then took out the offending ink cartridge,and replaced it with a HP ink cartridge, but now it will not print the correct colors he has tried umpteen times to clean the ink cartridge "20" times in fact but it does not alter the test page only shows 2 Green/2 purple/ and 1 stead of "cyan-magenta-yellow-violet-red, any advice would be appreciated greatly,for me to help him

  -pops- 06:12 22 Apr 2003

This seems very odd. The ink cartridges in most HP printers are complete units with the print head incorporated into the cartridge therefore there should be no crossover or contamination after a cartridge is changed. I could understand if it were an Epson as those cartridges are just ink tanks with all the workings as part of the printer.

Is the replacement cartridge new and genuine? or is is a refilled/compatible one?


  Mankster 09:03 22 Apr 2003

Thanks for your reply,and apologies in not replying earlier,upon checking the NEW original ink cartridge, I find that the expiry date is september 2002.

  -pops- 09:10 22 Apr 2003

That alone shouldn't make it print incorrect colours. I've bought way out of date cartridges cheap in the past that have been perfectly OK.

What model is the printer? I ask this because I think that there are a few, mainly commercial, HP printers that do have fixed printheads. If this is the case, then the thing to do is buy some cartridge flush and give the heads a good clean out.


  Mankster 09:31 22 Apr 2003

Its a HP psc750

  -pops- 11:03 22 Apr 2003

That model is not a "run of the mill" printer, it's one of those all in one thingies and may well have the printhead integral with the printer (not the HP norm). Have a look at a cartridge and see if it has the printhead attached (loads of complex looking copper tracks and three small printheads).

If it doesn't have these then it seems as though it is a printhead within the printer. In this case, you will need some cartridge flush to clean out all the gunge - that can take a lot of doing to get you pure colours back!

  Lone Crow 11:42 22 Apr 2003

Has he put a 3-colour cartridge into a 5-colour printer, perhaps? LC.

  Mankster 11:57 22 Apr 2003

No mate i did a check to verify it was the correct cartridge,

  Mankster 12:03 22 Apr 2003

yes mate it is an all-in-one with the printheads on the ink cartridge,with copper contacts,I am just wondering though if the new cartridge is faulty,would it be worth while trying another new one to determine if its a faulty cartridge,but if its not,it may be the printer that damages the cartridge???

  -pops- 14:39 22 Apr 2003

As I said at the start, it does seem very odd. For a conventional type HP printer to persist in printing wrongly like you describe shouldn't be possible unless, of course, the new cartridge is in some way faulty or is not as new as your neighbour claims (?!?!).

It would be worth while buying a genuine NEW cartridge (get them low price from 7dayshop or MX2) and see how it goes. There is no point in using cartridge flush at this stage.

Note that incorrect cartridges put in HP printers normally just fail to work with that cartridge and are OK with the correct one.


  Lone Crow 21:01 22 Apr 2003

I find it hard to believe that the printer would somehow 'know' what colour was actually in a chamber, it is only programmed to print on the assumption that all is as it should be, so the idea that filling the chambers with the wrong colours could somehow foul it up (on an HP) just doesn't make sense to me. I am wondering, perhaps the driver software is corrupted and causing the problem and perhaps he didn't put the wrong colours in the wrong chambers after all? It may be a software problem all along, perhaps. An uninstall/reinstall of the driver software would be worth trying before spending money on another cartridge, especially as some HP software remembers cartridge details and won't print properly with the same one twice after a while - an anti-refilling tactic that not everyone knows about! It might also be possible that he damaged the contacts in the printer that connect with the brass strips on the cartridge. Are any of them dirty, corroded, bent, broken, missing? Is the cart locating correctly in the housing? LC.

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