Refilling Laser Toner Cartridges

  €dstow 14:52 08 Apr 2003

Well, I've done it.

Somewhat against my better judgement, my father persuaded me to have a go at refilling the toner cartridge on one of my ML1210 printers.

He ordered the stuff for me from click here at the weekend and I go it this morning.

It was a plastic bag containing the toner powder and a set of instructions which were simply to remove the plug in the cartridge, insert a funnel and pour the powder in. I didn't have a funnel so I made a makeshift one from a small plastic bottle with the bottom removed.

As long as the powder went in slowly it wasn't too messy at all. I put the plug back in, gave it a good shake and put it in the printer. Took about 5 minutes to do.

The printer has been chugging away at 500 prints since I did this and it's working fine.

So, contrary to what I've preached before, give it a go. It's easy, quick and not messy (unless you want it to be). I wouldn't use refills for client work for reasons I've stated before for my own work and internal printing, I think we're on to a good thing.

My comments previously about changing your name to Sooty before doing these refills dated back to the very messy methods of refilling photocopiers with toner. This is not like that at all. Obviously I can only comment on the one I've done but, that was simplicity itself.

To whoever it was that posted the link originally - thanks!


  Belatucadrus 15:05 08 Apr 2003

The possible fly in the ointment is the drum, now an integral part of many toner cartridges. They do wear out so refills can cause a deterioration in print quality. Thats' why at work we went for recycled cartridges with new drums fitted. Not as cheap but still a significant saving over name brand cartridges.

  €dstow 15:14 08 Apr 2003

The instructions do warn about this and say they anticipate a minimum of three refills before there is obvious deterioration. Some cartridges are said to go as far as eleven refills.

But, even one refill that works to its full extent is worthwhile.


  Tenner 16:30 08 Apr 2003

Hi! still having probs with my '?'

Question, should that read ' maximum of 3 refills' ?

Regards ( from an ex-Sooty )

  €dstow 18:58 08 Apr 2003

Hi Tenner

No, minimum of three refills.

They say "With one or two exceptions - -, we herby put our corporate neck on the chopping block and say the rule of thumb is three straight refills - and maybe then some."


(what happens when you press Alt Gr + 4? You should get the €uro).

  Tenner 11:49 09 Apr 2003

Been trying that for weeks now, no effect - it appears OK on my screen, but not when transferred. Somebody had suggested changing fonts ??? Using Western, now changed to Central European in Preferences


  €dstow 11:52 09 Apr 2003

I found that Opera 7, which someone installed for me the other week while I was in the USA, would not transmit the € although it appeared OK on screen here. I fiddled about with the font settings within Opera and got it to work but it reverted at the next boot up.

I went back to version 6.

Which browser are you working from?


  Tenner 12:42 09 Apr 2003

Thanks, but using Netscape ( well most of the time - sometimes Opera - will check that out )

Now, refils ! Not knocking, just concerned about the drum element & replacement. So, I checked with Cartridge World click here

a country-wide franchise, and found that the ML1210 can be 'rebuilt' for £25 - ie "toner and any internal parts replaced as necessary ( incl drum )". Apparently over the counter, or if not in stock, they take yours and it'll be ready next day. We've just replaced one at the Office and it seems OK. Our local store actually delivered. May be worth a look, it's a freefone number to stores local to you.

Hope this helps.

Usual disclaimer - no connection etc.


  Pesala 18:32 09 Apr 2003

I have added Cartridge World to my bookmarks. They have a branch not too far from me.

I got my bottles of refill toner for my Epson Laser for about £10 each from Manx Print Care: click here

  €dstow 18:52 09 Apr 2003

My journey to Manx Print Care proved rather fruitless for Samsung Laser products.


  Pesala 18:56 09 Apr 2003

If you want Toner refill bottles, which is the cheapest solution, give them a call. I found them very helpful.

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